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Dana White Triggers MMA World after $250k Giveaway

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Multiple protests from fighters wanting pay equal to their status, pedigree and health risks have fallen on the deaf ears of UFC chief Dana White.

And now, his latest exploits have angered several UFC stars and the combat sports world after allegedly gifting $250,000 in cash to one of the Nelk Boys Kyle Forgeard.

The issue of fighter’s pay in the MMA world was underlying until it was brought to the timeline by Jake Paul, a notorious pro boxer who engaged in a stern public fued with Dana White. Ever since the outbreak of the online war of words, multiple fighters in the UFC have come out of their shells to lambast the promotion over their sub-par fighters pay and lack of health insurance.

“It’s interesting to just sit here and watch your boss lie to the camera like this.”- these were the words of Jon Jones after the promotion canceled a proposed eye watering bout against the current heavyweight Champion, Francis Ngannou due to issues over the payment structure. Jon Jones is not the only big name in the promotion to call out Dana White over his unfair treatment as we’ve also heard complaints from Hall of Famers – the likes of Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

Anderson Silva aimed his criticism at the unfair treatment and lack of respect he recieved from the promotion despite his longetivity in the promotion while GSP revealed how fighters can secure better contracts from the promotion using his previous unfair treatment as an example.

“The UFC Won’t Pay You Fairly Unless You Make Them. When I was at the peak of my career, I was making many millions of dollars. Because you not only get the money to show and the money to win, but you also have a percentage of the gate and pay-per-view buys – the gate and the pay-per-views are where the real money is. That’s how fighters make their money. But you need to have the power to negotiate those terms.” – GSP revealed.

It is no surprise after this reveal that the controversy around the fighters’ payments intensifies with current heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou at the centre of it as his camp has continued to iterate his desire for a better contract at the expiration of his current deal with the promotion. Former champion Jorge Masvidal has also called for unity from within the promotion so the motion of the protest can be heard and attended too, but pointed out the “ego” of fighters as a major setback.

All that matters is that we get in there and kick someone’s ass, that’s all they care for. It comes down to fighters, the only breed like ourselves are other fighters. Many good things and many also bad things (come from that). Fighters are very individualized. If we were all able to get together and voice our opinions as one, these paychecks we would see just rise, from me all the way to the bottom guys. But fighters are very individual creatures, you know, we’re all pounding on our chest saying, ‘We don’t need nobody.” – Masvidal said in an interview with MMA Hour.

Despite the unsettled disputes and controversies surrounding the promotion, a video which showed Dana White gifting a fellow rich Youtube star Kyle Forgeard over $250,000 in cash has caused a stir in the MMA world with fans claiming “that is more than the amount he pays 90% of his roster”.

Paddy Pimblett’s leaked pay structure and meagre earning which saw him go home with $24,000 following his win ($12,000 for showing up & $12,000 for a win) once caused further rage and a more proactive protest over fighters pay amongst the fans and the latest exploits from the UFC boss would not go under the radar as fans are all out to dish out their opinions.

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