Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. Press Conference Reaction

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In a new developing turn of events, the originally scheduled bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has been called off due to VISA issues and denied entry into the United States. Check out the report here. Instead of calling off the event and rescheduling to a later date, Paul threw down the gauntlet and it was picked up by a 12-1 boxer, son of the former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, Hasim Rahman Jr.

On paper this will be Paul’s toughest boxing test, his opponent will be the first “pure” boxer that he has fought and will be coming in at a significant size advantage. Fighting in the heavyweight division in the past, this bout will be commissioned at 200 lbs. With size, height, and experience on the side of Rahman Jr., many believe this is already a losing effort for Paul, but his team and himself believe otherwise.

How did Rahman Jr. get picked for this bout?

Unless one is a big fan of the Jake Paul boxing journey, many would not know the preexisting connection between these two fighters. Having sparred together before, it is believed that Rahman Jr. went to help Paul out in the lead-up to his contest against Nate Robinson. Although these two have interacted before, there is no love lost as seen by their kick-off press conference. With mentions of “scamming”, running, only using one arm during sparring, and releasing the footage, these two fighters were not holding back their thoughts about each other and what happened in the past.

Whether a fan of his or not, Jake Paul is a smart businessman. This fight would not have been announced if he or his team did not think he could win this fight. Rahman Jr. coming off a knockout loss could have been a major contributor to this factor and what went down in their sparring sessions those years ago. A lot is at stake for Paul, a loss here could be detrimental to his boxing career and the hype he garners from it. But a win, against a bigger, more experienced, and true boxer, could fuel the train he is on for a while. With only five weeks away, “The Problem Child” is ready to prove to the world that he is serious about fighting and making a name for himself in the fight game. On August 6th, eyes will be on the historic Madison Square Garden, as the boxing world may get shaken up again if “The Problem Child” is able to get his hand raised once again.

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