Jalen Hurts’ Eagles’ Offensive Impact

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Now entering his third season in the league, Jalen Hurts sits firmly in his starting position under center for the Philadelphia Eagles. It is easy to say that Hurts did not have the smoothest transition to the league, clouded by the Carson Wentz controversy and a disgruntled front office and coaching staff relationship in South Philadelphia. What has the 23-year-old Houston, Texas native brought to the table in Philadelphia? Despite the unruly entrance, Hurts has proven his grit thus far and has had a mostly positive impact on the Eagles’ offence.

Improving the Receiving Core and Rushing Attack

Perhaps the biggest and most recent asset that Hurts played a major part in bringing to South Philly is receiver AJ Brown. Signing the star-studded wideout from Tennessee was a huge offseason move that will no doubt pay off for the Birds. Hurts lobbied the front office and GM Howie Roseman to sign Brown for weeks leading up to the deal that was made. In the days before April 28th (2022 NFL Draft Day 1 and the day in which the deal was made) Hurts posted a picture of Brown to his Instagram story, alluding to the fact the two were getting some reps in together. The two have been friends for quite some time now as it is widely known that Hurts attempted to recruit Brown to Alabama during their college years.

Hurts has also power housed the Philly offence with a dual-threat running attack. It is no secret that his arm strength and accuracy must be improved for him to endure a career in the NFL. However, Hurts’ ability to maneuver in and out of the pocket and pick up positive yardage is nothing to look over. With the inconsistency of Miles Sanders due to his many injuries Hurts’ talent on the ground attack was showcased this past season. The quarterback racked up 784 rushing yards during the 2021-2022 season, accounting for more yards on the ground than the entire running back stable that was utilized by the Birds last season. In addition to the yardage, he has also proved his willingness to take hits and play smash-mouth football throughout his various touchdown runs last season.

The Intangibles

Aside from the addition of AJ Brown and a stout rushing attack, Hurts has also brought positive intangibles to the Eagles’ offence. The 2020 Eagles were plagued by poor play, injuries (what else is new), and lacklustre leadership. Since earning his starting position, Hurts has completely turned the ship around in regards to leadership and presence both on the field and in the media. The young quarterback has revamped the Eagles’ image and overall goals. He can constantly be seen preaching his philosophy of getting 1% better every day and being “one of one”. Often viewed as one of the coolest, calmest, and most collected individuals in the league Hurts has brought a degree of swag back to South Philly. The city of Brotherly Love deserves a quarterback who carries himself as if no one is looking and does not care what outsiders think- which Hurts does. It is clear to see that his aura has rubbed off on his fellow teammates on the offensive side of the ball. AJ Brown, Lane Johnson, and Jordan Mailata have all expressed their excitement and confidence they have in Hurts leading up to this season.

Culture Changes

Jalen Hurts is also responsible for the overall culture change of the offence in Philadelphia. Before him taking the helm under center it was rare to see Eagles players working out together in the off-season or at least now there is more coverage of this. Over the past few weeks, it has been reported that Hurts has been working with AJ Brown and Devonta Smith in preparation for training camp. The three offensive weapons have been reported to be working out together with Lane Johnson at the “Bro Barn”. These are the types of things that Eagles fans want to see, aside from touchdowns and wins. Overall, with Hurts under center, the Birds’ offence gives off more of a sense of camaraderie and confidence heading into the 2022 season.


Hurts has had an overall positive impact on the Eagles’ offence, however, he must show this year that he has made positive improvements to his game. Philadelphia is a demanding but loving city that just wants to see its players play hard and win games. The young quarterback no doubt has the necessary tools surrounding him for success but he must rise to the occasion and prove that he is the guy that Philly needs and wants under center.

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