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Matt Schnell, The Comeback Kid of UFC Long Island

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Matt Schnell not only earned Fight of the Night honors this past Saturday, but he just might have secured Comeback of the Year when he beautifully locked in a triangle choke submission against Sumudaerji in the second round, live on ABC.

Schnell looked good in the first round and might have taken the round on the judges’ score cards, but with the advice from his corner, Sumudaerji came out strong in the second. Listening to his coaches, Sumudaerji stuck with his striking and began connecting with combinations gaining more momentum with every strike landed. It looked like Sumudaerji was mere seconds away from getting a finish with his crisp stand-up.

After Schnell was rocked multiple times on the feet, he endured a nasty left hand from Sumudaerji, which froze him. Sumudaerji then followed up with multiple elbow strikes that echoed throughout the arena with a vicious, violent sound that left the fans ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing.’

Matt Schnell Delivers Something Special

Fight fans witnessed something special as we saw an amazing display of the fighting spirit when Matt Schnell dug down deep and found something in himself to get the takedown, land in full mount, and began to unleash elbows and punches of his own. Once the submission was locked in, the broadcast table and the fans let out a booming celebration as they and the people at home all knew they saw an amazing comeback.

With it only being late July, it is uncertain if there will be another contender for Comeback of the Year, but never say never when it comes to the MMA world.

Is ‘Danger’ Matt Schnell the New Comeback Kid?

After UFC Long Island, what do you think – should Matt Schnell change his nickname from ‘Danger’ to ‘The Comeback Kid’ after that amazing performance? Let us know in the comments what you thought of the comeback.

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