Ryan Garcia-Tank Davis: Countdown to Nowhere

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Saturday night, as soon as the 23-year-old Ryan Garcia finished with Javier Fortuna and got access to a mic, he went right at Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

“That’s going to give me the respect I deserve,” Garcia said during his post-fight interview, in reference to a proposed mega-fight with Davis.

“100% I felt way better [weighing 140 pounds], I’m not going back to 135 for nothing, but I want Tank next. I’m never afraid, I have a spirit of competition. You’re going to see that when I fight Tank.”

Later on, the always vocal “King Ry” would add to his Tank Davis callout.

“I won’t just beat Tank,” Garcia said. “I will make it look like there was no reason for him to be in the ring with me.”

But the Garcia chatter didn’t stop there. On social media, the undefeated rising star continued his assault on Davis.

“Today is bug the sh*t out of @Gervontaa day!! #July19th NEW HOLIDAY!! He locked himself in the bunker once he seen the TRUTH!!! I’m knocking you out NO MERCY,” Garcia wrote via his verified Twitter account.

“I feel like ima have to go full Ali Vibes when he had to chase down Sonny Liston to make him fight. This man is terrified deep down, AND IM TALKING ABOUT YOU @Gervontaa, I know you see my tweets, saying nothing or something won’t save you from this whooping!!!!”

Garcia claims that the personal animosity towards Davis began with a comment Davis made towards his parents a few years ago. Back in 2018, the Floyd Mayweather protege claimed that Garcia’s parents were cousins and that was why Garcia is “retarded.”

Whether it’s really personal for Garcia or not, his pursuit of Gervonta Davis surely also has a lot to do with a Davis fight being the biggest, most lucrative bout to be made in his weight range. Given Garcia’s crossover social media following and Davis’ grassroots live gate success, a fight between the two 20-something stars would be a sure-thing financial blockbuster and it would bring both fighters huge paydays.

Davis, however, has been predictably coy in his response to Garcia’s call-out assault.

Answering in apparent response to Garcia’s stated desire to fight one more time, by the end of this year, Davis took to social media with a cryptic, intentionally vague: “See y’all the end of the year..#TheONE.”

Now, this certainly LOOKS like the prelude to a mega-fight. But this is boxing and looks are very often deceiving.

There are a ton of obstacles to making a Ryan Garcia-Gervonta Davis fight and anyone salivating at the thought of this fight happening any time soon is either very poorly informed or lacking in the ability to think critically.

Garcia and Davis fight on rival networks and rival platforms. Garcia competes under the Golden Boy Promotions banner and is tied to an exclusive output deal with streaming service DAZN. Davis, meanwhile, is apparently still under contract with Mayweather Promotions, which works with Premier Boxing Champions and, through output deals, Fox and Showtime.

A Garcia-Davis fight would require a joint pay-per-view venture between the rival broadcast companies. This is not unheard of, but it is exceedingly rare. And this joint venture would be especially difficult when considering the fact that there are many other big money fights available to both young men that can be kept “in house” and wouldn’t require a divvying up of the pot.

The fighters, themselves, have to be seeing the other big fights available to them– many against lighter opposition involving lesser risk– and may be advised to put this big one on the back burner until they can scoop up the easier paydays available to them now.

King Ry vs. Tank makes a lot of sense to fight fans, but making it right now, at this time, doesn’t make a whole lot of business sense for either side.

Despite the heat and the hype (which is only coming from one side of the rivalry, anyway), the smart money is on Garcia-Davis not happening any time soon.

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