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LUX Fight League: A Rising Promotion

Although UFC Long Island was highly anticipated by MMA fans with the main event headliner between Ortega and Rodriguez, it ended up being the LUX Fight League promotion that is getting some buzz from this past weekend with their competitive fight card that took place on Friday, July 15.

LUX Fight League 24 had a total of nine finishes out of a possible eleven, and they weren’t just all knockouts – there were some impressive submissions on display inside the LUX cage.

With the rigorous schedules of the UFC, Bellator, ONE and PFL promotions, sometimes as fight fans we neglect to give other rising promotions proper attention, and they often produce amazing fights and fighters like LUX Fight League does.

The Excitement of LUX 24

The excitement in LUX Fight League 24 began right away with the Fabian Lopez vs. Luis Pinango fight that kicked off the main card.

Both men started throwing bombs right from the get-go and it was such an entertaining fight that needs to be watched. Fabian Lopez is only nineteen years old but looked so mature inside that cage and has a bright future with MMA. Luis Pinango may have taken the knockout loss but he had some moments within the fight to be proud of, and all in all, it was a memorable fight. Pinango didn’t agree with the stoppage, but when you put your heart and soul into a fight camp, it can be a bitter pill to swallow if you lose in that fashion.

LUX on UFC Fight Pass

LUX’s next event has been advertised and will take place on August 12th, 2022. It is highly recommended to give LUX a chance. If you’re interested in the great fights LUX has put on in the past, UFC Fight Pass has all events from LUX 1 all the way up to 24. Enjoy, fight fans!

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