BKFC Tampa 2 Opens With Controversial Finish

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BKFC Tampa 2 got off to a fairly controversial start with a confusing ruling by the Florida State Boxing Commission.

Alex Tierney vs. Darrick Gates opened BKFC’s return to Tampa. Early in the bout, Tierney was getting lit up with strikes that opened a nasty cut on the fighter’s right cheek. With Gates in clear control, Tierney appeared to land a glancing left during an exchange. Gates backed up and then dropped to the canvas, seemingly feeling the delayed effect from a blow.

The referee paused the action but did not administer an eight count making it appear there was an accidental eye poke or headbutt. Getting the advice of the ringside physician, the fight was called. However, it wasn’t ruled a knockout for Tierney.

After a few moments of confusion, the Florida State Boxing Commission called the fight a no contest due to an accidental headbutt to Gates. However, the replay showed there was no headbutt landed in the exchange that led to the finish. 

Standing in the middle of the squared circle, Tierney expected to get his hand raised. He became noticeably upset when the referee informed him that the contest was called due to a phantom headbutt. 

The entire situation caused confusion for fans in attendance and those watching on the BKFC app. The pause made it appear there was an illegal blow of some type, but the replay clearly showed that was not the case. At that point, the fight should have resumed or been called a knockout if Gates was unable to continue.

Instead, the FSBC stepped in and made the wrong call, stealing a win from Alex Tierney.

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