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CJJC 11 Recap – An Impressive Showcase

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Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club is part of the next wave of Jiu Jitsu leagues such as Fight 2 Win and North American Grappling Association. Conceived by Ultimate Fighter Season 30 Coach/Fighter tandem Steve and Kathryn Paprocki, CJJC isn’t far behind its competition. Last Saturday’s CJJC 11 displayed that they have the talent and hype to compete with any grappling organization. On a night with several IBJJF champs, skilled prospects from top gyms, as well as potentially the most dangerous grappler in Colorado, there were many highlights all coming from CJJC 11.

Early CJJC 11 Prelim Highlights

Thomas Lozano vs. Bronson Spies saw a display of heart and tenacity that set the tone for the rest of CJJC 11. Lozano became the aggressor early, taking Spies’ back early in the round and attempting a triangle choke soon after. However, Spies displayed solid defence throughout the round, and sudden death was needed to decide a winner. Lozano secured a slick rear naked choke 20 seconds in to submit Spies. Spies couldn’t match the Subhounds product Lozano’s submission time and came up short in an exciting first match.

Jonathan Peters vs. Robert Spinella showcased another great back and forth affair at the CJJC tournament, that saw Peters securing the submission victory in sudden death overtime via collar choke after Spinella couldn’t match with a submission of his own.

Jimmy Macculloch vs Henry Brandt saw much of Macculloch in Brandt’s guard. Brandt spent a lot of time on his back defensively but threw up a good triangle attempt with a minute left in round one. Macculloch reversed into guard during sudden death overtime and earned the decision victory at the CJJC 11 Early Prelims.

CJJC 11 Prelims Highlights

Sarah Swiatek vs Kazia Jennings had Swiatek entering this match with a great deal of hype, having earned the 2022 IBJJF Pan Am Blue Belt title. She quickly demonstrated that the hype was warranted, securing an Americana submission victory in the CJJC 11 Prelim matchup.

In a rare showdown between skilled heavyweights, Zachary Smith and Byron Orton flashed some impressive skill and strength. Both competitors had their moments of applying and facing danger, but both had the strength and defence to persevere. Smith ultimately earned the nod via decision after sudden death overtime yielded no submission winner.

In another interesting showdown between prospects, Ana Jacobo and Bella Ziesler put on a high-level display of skill at CJJC 11. Ziesler began with a guillotine pull and lost top position to Jacobo who applied top pressure like a blanket. Jacobo eventually took her opponent’s back and earned a slick armbar submission win.

Brett Myatt vs Zach Lindsay was a hard-fought attrition match between two young prospects. Throughout the round, Lindsay displayed nice top control while Myatt showcased some good submission defence. This went to sudden death over time, with Lindsay being declared the winner via the referee’s decision.

The purple belt showdown between Teo Alvidrez and Aaron Torres saw Torres land on top after an attempted toss. After transitioning to mount, Torres took the back and flashed a quick armbar for the submission win.

There was a lot of hype heading into DeAnthony Muniz vs AJ Fernandez, as both competitors possess high-level skills and high-flying ability. After a quick single-leg takedown from Muniz, it was ultimately Fernandez who established top control. However, Muniz threw up a series of triangle choke attempts with one finally sinking in. This was another great scrap between two legit martial artists.

CJJC 11 Main Card Highlights

Henry Alvizo vs Jayson Scott

In another scrappy back-and-forth CJJC 11 match, Henry Alvizo and Jayson Scott looked to put in quick work. Scott quickly earned his opponent’s back after an attempted guillotine from Alvizo. After an attempted knee-bar, a couple of butterfly sweeps saw both competitors trade positions until Alivizo eventually landed in top guard. Scott immediately proceeded to throw up the slick triangle choke and earn the submission win.

4 Man Tournament

Both CJJC 11 Preliminary Tournament bouts saw impressive showings from their perspective winners. Ezekiel Herman earned a poetic submission victory via Ezekiel choke. In his preliminary match, Kameron Jordan earned a quick rear naked choke victory after securing his opponent’s back. Both move on to the finals. The 4-man tournament finale saw a great contest between Ezekiel Herman and Kam Jordan, who each looked impressive in their preliminary bouts. Jordan began in a dominant position and impressively remained in control after a series of attempted butterfly sweeps from Herman. After some feints, Herman swiftly attacked Jordan’s leg and secured a ‘don’t-blink’ ankle lock submission to take home gold.

Natasha Druggan vs Taylor Weidman

Coming in, Natasha Druggan and Taylor Weidman were two highly-touted competitors with serious credentials. Both have taken gold at the IBJJF Championships: Druggan holding a Pan Am Champ title as well as being a No Gi national silver medalist. Weidman also holds the IBJJF Pan Am title and was a No Gi Word Champion at blue belt. Fortunately, this CJJC 11 match-up more than delivered on the hype.

Weidman quickly flashed a dangerous submission game, pulling guard and attempting everything from guillotines to armbars to flying armbars over the round. Druggan was mostly in control and unfazed by the blender of submission attempts from Weidman. Round 1 ended with both competitors attempting ankle locks after a series of scrambles.

Round 2 saw Druggan continue to implement her game plan of slowing and controlling the pace. Weidman however used her quick hips to throw consecutive submission attempts and presented an ongoing threat. However, it was ultimately Druggan who secured a tight armbar as well as the submission win.

Devin Henry vs. Jakob Hill

In a fast-paced CJJC 11 match-up between brown belts, Devin Henry vs. Jakob Hill saw both competitors attack toe holds and leg locks in a flurry of submission attempts that ultimately saw Hill emerge as the winner via leg lock. This was another ‘don’t-blink’ affair between two skilled veterans.

Tyler Hampton vs. Dillon Dewberry

Tyler Hampton vs. Dillon Dewberry was another stand-out showdown from CJJC 11, showcasing high-flying action and world-class skill. The first two minutes were a whirlwind of mad scrambles: several butterfly sweeps that saw both competitors trading top position. Many submission attempts looked like they could end things throughout the match, such as several D’Arce attempts from Hampton, some kneebar attempts from both men, as well as a calf slicer or two. Both competitors were in danger and presented danger the entire match, and each displayed top-notch heart and defence, making for a match-of-the-night contender.

Ultimately, neither Hampton nor Dewberry could secure the submission win on their opponent, and Hampton was ruled the winner by decision.

Trevor Polhamus vs. JR Fulton

The main event of CJJC 11 was a black belt clash between the notoriously dangerous Trevor Polhamus and the Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu Academy product JR Fulton. There was a palpable level of hype for Polhamus coming into this match, and he delivered by immediately attacking his opponent’s leg and earning a quick submission victory. Polhamus is easily one of the most dangerous men in the circuit. He capitalizes on even the smallest of mistakes or hesitations, and this match exemplified that.

Match Of The Night: Tie between Hampton vs Dewberry / Druggan vs Weidman.
Submission Of The Night: DeAnthony Muniz’s Triangle Choke that fired up the crowd.

Ultimately, CJJC 11 was a night full of top-quality BJJ action. If you consider yourself a grappling fan, stay tuned as CJJC plans its September return with CJJC 12.

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