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Dana White Walks Off DWCS Set Following Uninspired Performances

One of the great feeders of talent for the UFC returned this week, with the first week of the sixth season of Dana White’s Contender Series.

Although there were four winners, a sole contract was given out. In the main event returning contestant, Joe Pyfer out of Philadelphia, capped the evening off with a knockout victory in the second round, redeeming himself from the last time he was on the show where he broke his arm.

Coming out with an attitude to finish, desperate to be in the UFC, and having everything to prove that night, nothing else mattered more to Pyfer than earning his shot in the big leagues. In a much-deserved showcase, Pyfer proved to everyone that he is a UFC caliber fighter and was rewarded with his dream.

Clearly, this impressed the brass as when addressing the upcoming weeks UFC President Dana White said, “Act like Joe Pyfer, be Joe Pyfer.” This was not the only message the boss delivered and he set the tone for the following weeks to come.

DWCS Fighters Underwhelm Dana White and UFC Fans with Uninspired Performances

Contrary to the previous seasons during the pandemic, it does not look like a win will secure a fighter with a contract to help fill roster depth. And let’s be honest, DWCS fighters will start with the minimum pay scale but will have the hunger to put on great fights and welcome any and all challengers, so it’s a win-win for the company. Going back to the original roots of the show’s concept, a win will only get one so far, but putting on a show for the brass and wowing the crowd matters most.

In his comments following the four scheduled bouts, White said, “I don’t care what you did in your career the last five years. What are you going to do tonight? So next week when you roll in here…show me who you are Tuesday night!”

Many fans in the MMA community appear to like the boss’s message in his post-fight speech and believe it will change the way fighters approach their opportunity. It is not a privilege to be on the show but a chance and opportunity to change one’s life.

Mark your calendars every Tuesday for the next seven weeks. You can almost guarantee there will be exciting fights from top to bottom if fighters are giving everything they have to not only put on a great show and impress the boss but make it into the UFC.

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