Mayweather Promotions CEO: Oscar De La Hoya is a lying piece of sh*t

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On Wednesday, Ryan Garcia’s promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, popped up in a video and fumbled his way into maybe killing any hope fans had of getting a Ryan Garcia-Gervonta Davis bout.

“Gervonta Davis can get on pay-per-view, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s selling hundreds and hundreds of thousands of homes,” De La Hoya told “I know the numbers, I know what they are, I know they’re not past 100,000. I know that for a fact.”

Well, that snippet of the 37-minute video ticked off Davis representative, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, and sent him into a Twitter tizzy.

“Oscar is a lying piece of sh*t,” Ellerbe wrote on his verified account. “To prove it we will put up $5mil to his $1mil or whatever he can scrape up.  We will present the info to an arbitrator who then can determine the winner and the winner donates the money to a charity of their choice. The public can see who’s lying!

“Lol, what if I did a vid saying he has a big following but that hasn’t translated into fans supporting his fights because I know for fact his live gates have never generated over 500k in revenue cause I get all the numbers?  What do you think the feedback would be?

“Numbers don’t lie, he does though!!”

Ellerbe didn’t stop there, though. He continued his social media rant against De La Hoya’s assertion.

“Tank has done substantially more than 100k buys in EVERY one of his PPV fights…Oscar is trying to do everything he can to NOT make a fight and it’s time to expose the facts. This is a terrible look for Ryan and his promoter.”

“Oscar’s assertion that Tank and Ryan are equal is all bullsh*t and anyone who can add knows that. In Ryan’s last fight at the live gate he grossed $1.126,155.00 and in that same bldg Tank grossed $3.525,855.00. That’s less than a 3rd, how is that equal?”

“Ryan says he wants to fight Tank…he’s told everybody that and I believe him. He needs to get his promoter in line ASAP, this is a terrible look for him!! We are going to see if the media call him [De La Hoya] on the bullsh*t. Not hard to make a deal if you are really trying to make a deal for a big fight.”

It’s fair to say that, in boxing, anyone negotiating a fight entirely through the media is probably not all that serious about making that fight. All the hard work in getting a big fight put together is done behind the scenes where nobody is being put on the spot publicly and deals can be made where both sides can save face. Once one side takes things to the media, pride and ego take over and deals get infinitely more difficult to put together. In some cases, negotiating through the media is an absolute death blow for a fight.

That just may be the case with Garcia vs. Davis.

Given Leonard Ellerbe’s strong response to De La Hoya’s claim, it’s safe to say that the possibility of a Garcia-Davis bout probably took one full step backwards. How can you hope to negotiate the terms of a fight when you’ve publicly antagonized the person with whom you’re going to negotiate those terms?

Put on the spot, is Mayweather Promotions supposed to move forward with the signing of a bout that makes it seem like De La Hoya was right about their guy being on equal terms with Ryan Garcia? How can they concede any points now that doing so will make it look like they are agreeing with De La Hoya’s statements?

Honestly, all these efforts to negotiate through the press have made it seem as though Garcia and De La Hoya are really not all that serious about making this fight and are only interested in the publicity they get from bringing it up.

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