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MLB Injury: Mike Trout’s Unique Injury Update

Mike Trout has hopped on the MLB injury list again this season with a unique injury diagnosis. Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reports that Mike Trout has a rare condition called “costovertebral dysfunction at T5.”

Mike Trout went on the injured list on July 12th with what was initially thought to be back spasms, which was later turned into rib cage inflammation. Even with more knowledge of the back injury, there is still no timetable on when the Angels should expect the judge back in the lineup.

Dr. Robert Watkins, one of the most well-known spine surgeons in the country, said " This is a pretty rare condition that he has right now in his back." He later goes on to say, "For it to happen in a baseball player, we just have to take into consideration what he puts himself through with hitting, swinging on a daily basis just to get prepared and then also playing in the outfield, diving for balls, jumping into the wall, things like that."

Trout got a cortisone shot last week and will be reevaluated once he has more time to get the benefits from the shot. It is likely that Trout will have to monitor this injury for the rest of his career. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the rest of the four-time MVP.

In August he will be turning 31 and has a slash line of .270/.368/.599 (168 OPS+) with 24 home runs in 79 games this season. Last season he only played in 39 games last season due to various injuries throughout the season. As he enters the latter half of his career and the injuries start to become more common it will be interesting to see if we will see MVP-level Mike Trout again.

Could Mike Trout"s Being on the MLB Injury List Hurt his Legacy?

Trout is one of the all-time best players statically. He has won four MVPs, multiple batting titles, and countless all-star appearances. However, what has hurt is that he has not been able to make the playoff consistently. The greats before him that had talents including Hank Aaron and Willie Mays got into the playoff and were able to win the whole thing. What hurts Trout"s legacy has been the leadership above not getting the necessary assets to supplement his talent, and continually being on the MLB injury list.

The frequency of Trout"s injuries is increasingly concerning as the star begins to enter the back end of his career. Hopefully, Trout can get a team around him that will bring him to the promised land so everyone can see his true talent.

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