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Gary Vee and the New York Jets

Gary Vaynerchuk, or Gary Vee as he is more famously known, is a media-mogul who has taken Instagram and social media by storm over the past couple of years. His next goal to accomplish? Buying his favorite NFL team!

While he’s closer to playing a game of New York Jets Slingo than actually buying the team at this stage, the wheels have begun to turn, and the plans are being set in motion.

Who is Gary Vee?

If you aren’t hooked on Instagram or YouTube regularly, you may not know who Gary Vaynerchuck is. The entrepreneur moved to the United States with his Belarussian parents when he was young, and lived in Queens and New Jersey. 

His father started a wine company in the United States that Gary went on to head. He was also the co-founder of the restaurant-reservation app called Resy, which was bought by American Express in 2019. 

Vee began VaynerX, a media, and communications company that handles everything from social media to representing athletes and artists. VaynerMedia, a subsidiary of VaynerX, is a social media-focused company that creates and manages social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies. 

Gary Vee is more famous for his approach to business and his unique way of motivating individuals. He has no problem swearing and becoming emotional over things he is passionate about and believes you shouldn’t hold back at all, in any facet of life, if you are passionate about what you want to achieve. 

Crypto and YouTube

Vee has also been very loud in his support of cryptocurrencies, and in particular, NFTs. He started his own range of NFTs, called VeeFriends, and has plans to take the NFT technology further, using it to create tickets and other unique, one-off items. 

He is also incredibly prominent on YouTube, where he uploads to his channel daily. He has his #AskGaryVee segment, where he answers questions on Twitter and Instagram about leadership, entrepreneurship, and work values. 

His Daily Vee videos are his daily uploads where he posts parts of interviews and meetings he is part of, shows some of his daily activities and gives you an insight into what his everyday life is like. 

When Can a Deal Happen?

The question of when or if Gary Vee will buy the Jets is very simple to answer due to there being plenty of information about the topic. Vee has been a die-hard Jets fan since his childhood and has spoken about being their sole owner for a number of years. 

Back in 2021, Vaynerchuk appeared on a radio show with Matthew Higgins, who previously served as the Executive VP of business operations at the Jets organization, but currently works for the Dolphins. 

Vee expressed his desire to buy the Jets but acknowledged there is a relatively large stumbling block in the way. The Johnson family purchased the Jets in 2000, with Woody Johnson acting as the Chairman and CEO of the team. 

The Johnsons have barely hinted at selling the team since they took over, and due to this, Vee has had to adjust his timeline and how he plans on acquiring the team. He is more than comfortable with playing the long game and waiting it out. 

Vaynerchuk has stated that he has started moving his money and assets to allow these to grow, with the plan to have the money available to buy the team in 20 to 25 years. The other issue is that Vaynerchuk just doesn’t have enough money yet. 

Vee’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million, while the Jets are valued upwards of $4 billion. If he continues his financial growth as he has already, it will take him about 20 years to gather money. 

Fans" Reaction

The Jets have struggled as a franchise for a few years now, and fans have expressed their excitement at the thought of someone like Vee owning their team. While he will be older, if it happens, it’s his attitude that fans want. 

Someone who is driven and almost forceful with what they want has the ability to transform a team that has the talent to be successful, but not necessarily the passion; Vaynerchuk can change that. 

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