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Iranian Hulk Smashed During Boxing Debut

The Iranian Hulk made his long-awaited combat sports debut when he took on Kazakh Titan. The bout went down in Dubai on July 31, and things got real for Sajad Gharibi in a hurry. The exhibition boxing match was set for 4 rounds, but things were over within the first.

Both the Iranian Hulk and Kazakh Titan proved they had next to no combat experience. The match was sloppy, to say the least, and Gharibi wanted out with the first punch he had absorbed. That first critical punch was a left hand to the body from Kazakh Titan. Iranian Hulk was hurt badly by the body blow, and from there it all went downhill for the social media influencer. Sajad Gharibi spent the remaining time in the ring turning from his opponent, and physically running away.

Both men dawned shirts, as they fought. The decision to cover the physic of what was supposed to be a battle of muscle men caught many fans off guard, as it puzzled the masses. Most combat sports enthusiasts believed they were getting over 500lbs of muscle going head to head when in reality we got clothed men that probably weighed closer to 400lbs combined. In the end, Kazakh Titan was awarded the knockout victory, as the bitter rivalry comes to an end.

Iranian Hulk; “I have nothing to say, but I am ashamed"

In a very brief post-fight interview, the Iranian Hulk stated: “I have nothing to say but, I am ashamed and I apologize to the Iranian people." His coach elaborated more as he said “Thank you for your good and bad messages." Gharibi"s coach goes on to say, “I just wanted to give a brief explanation about the fight. The fight was set before Sajad came to me and he signed the contract. There was no way to cancel it unless he paid a big fine for the cancellation."

“We had a bad situation. Sajad came to Tehran for his training [but] we had a financial problem, the sponsor didn"t keep their word. In short, Sajad trained with me for only two weeks and I told him he was not ready to fight. But I had to be with him because he had to fight and somebody had to coach him."

A messy situation for the Iranian Hulk, and his new team for sure. Only having two weeks to train explains some of what we saw, but at the same time, Gharibi has been talking about entering combat sports for some time now. Fans didn"t expect to see a Mohammed Ali performance, but we did believe the big man knew the very basics.

What did you think of Iranian Hulk vs Kazakh Titan? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image credit to Sajjad Gharibi’s Instagram

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