2022 MLB Trade Deadline Grades

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MLB lineups are officially set as the league is set to hit the dog days of summer in August and the MLB Trade Deadline has closed. This MLB trade deadline was one of the most riveting days for the league’s biggest names moving around the league. Let’s over some of the top trades we have seen over the past two days and how they will impact these teams:

MLB Trade Deadline Steals

Padres: Juan Soto (OF), Josh Bell (DH/1B)

Nationals: Mackenzie Gore (LHP), Robert Hassell III (OF), CJ Abrams (SS), James Wood (OF), Jarlin Susana (RHP), Luke Voit (1B)

This trade is arguably the biggest in MLB history. Soto is a 23-year-old star that the Padres have under contract for the next three playoffs. Adding him to this lineup makes it a powerhouse in the division. With Bell, it adds power and the ability to be a switch hitter. Although they give up a lot of young talent in the deal it is evident that the Padres are in win-now mode.

Padres Grade: A+

The Nationals get back exactly what they were asking for. They got Mackenzie Gore and CJ Abrams that will be young starters for years to come with the Nationals. They also get a veteran player in Voit that will get more playing time to try and get a contract. Wood, Hassell III, and Susana now rank first, fourth, and eighth in their farm system and will be ready in a few years. It is not an instant reset, but it will be interesting what the Nationals can be a few years ago.

Grade: B+

Mariners: Luis Castillo (SP)

Reds: Noelvi Marte (SS), Levi Stoudt (RHP), Edwin Arroyo (SS), Andrew Moore(RHP)

Luis Castillo is a pitcher that will make an immediate impact on the starting staff. With former CY Young winner Robbie Ray being the number one starter, he is the second starter behind him. This is a very good staff that is primed to try and get into the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. They may have overpaid for Castillo but to push for the playoffs was a great move.  This is a step for the Mariners to continually get better for years to come.

Grade: B+

The Reds get some of the best prospects in the Mariners system. They still have a few years away from being in the Reds’ starting lineup. Marte will slot in as their top prospect with incredible power at the shortstop position with 15 home runs this year. However, this was one of the moves to reset their farm system in the hope they could hit on a few of these prospects.

Grade: A-

Yankees: Frankie Montas (RHP), Lou Trivino jp(CP)

Athletics: Ken Waldichuck (LHP), JP Sears (LHP), Luis Medina (RHP), Cooper Bowman (2B)

The Yankees got the starter that they needed in preparation for their playoff push. He will slide in as the number two starter behind Gerrit Cole, or the third starter with Nestor Cortes staying as the second starter in the rotation. Trivino is a great piece to add to a slightly depleted bullpen and allows the Yankees to have more flexibility. Another positive to this deal is that they were able to keep their top prospects to get both players.

Grade: A-

The Athletics receive players that are near MLB ready, but they could have gotten more in return. After the Castillo trade, it was expected that the return for Montas alone would have been a lot. To add Trivino in this deal as well the Athletics could have made them not much better than they already were.

Grade: C-

Twins: Jorge Lopez (RHP)

Orioles: Cade Povich (LHP), Yennier Cano (RHP) Juan Rojas (LHP), Juan Nunez (RHP)

The Twins got the relief help they needed with this trade. Lopez has had a career year getting selected to his first all-star game with a 1.68 ERA. Entering today the Twins had the second worse bullpen in the league and adding Lopez will help those numbers.

Grade: B+

The Orioles had a plan coming into the MLB trade deadline to sell even though they were in the wild card race. They get some arms in return that will help them in the future but is disappointing to see that they did not try and help the major league roster make a playoff run.

Grade: B

Twins: Tyler Mahle (RHP)

Reds: Spencer Steer (2B/3B), Christian Encarnacion-Strand (1B/3B), Steve Hajjar (LHP)

The Twins getting Mahle was another need they needed to make their team try and compete in the playoffs. Mahle will be the third starter behind Joe Ryan and Sonny Gray making a good starting staff. He is a free agent at the end of the year so it will be interesting if they try and resign him at the end of the year. Getting out of Cincinnati (a heavy homerun hitting park) might even improve Mahle’s numbers as the Twins push for the playoffs.

Grade: B

The Red’s fire sale continues with the goal of getting better soon. In this package, the Reds got a haul highlighted by Spencer Steer. In total, the Reds got the Twins’ seventh, 18th, and 23rd prospects. All three players have great seasons and should be in the majors in a few years.  

Dodgers: Joey Gallo (OF)

Yankees: Clayton Beeter (RHP)

The Dodgers had a quiet MLB trade deadline. Gallo adds outfield depth and adds quality defense that the Dodgers could use. The real winner in this trade is Gallo being able to get out of New York. It will be interesting to see where he fits in once Chris Taylor comes back from the IL.

Grade: B-

The Yankees knew that they needed to trade away Gallo. After trading for Benintendi there was no room for Gallo to even play. Getting anything in return for Gallo was a slight win for the Yankees in this scenario.

Grade: C+

Astros: Will Smith (CP)

Braves: Jake Odorizzi (RHP)

The Astros bullpen has been averaging with Dusty Baker not having a lot of options in the back end. And current Ryan Pressly struggling this is a perfect addition for them along with a surplus of starters.

Grade: B+

The Braves needed a starter bad with Ian Anderson and Charlie Morton struggling this year. Adding Kenley Jansen in the offseason solidified the closing for the Braves making Smith an expendable piece.

Grade: B

Astros: Christian Vazquez (C)

Red Sox: Wilyer Abreu (OF),  Enmanuel Valdez (2B, 3B, OF)

The Astros received a catcher that will be able to produce more than Martin Maldonado. However, making this move is interesting because of how each will get proper playing time. Overall, a good add for the Astros as Vazquez adds even more playoff experience to the roster.

Grade: B+

Trading away Vazquez was one of the most emotional trades of the MLB trade deadline as he was pulled out of an interview to be informed, that he was being traded. Vazquez was a leader in the locker room that will be difficult to be replaced. The players the Red Sox will get back are both having fantastic seasons in the minors and can make an impact next year.

Blue Jays: Anthony Bass (RHP), Zach Pop (RHP), PTBN

Marlins: Jordan Groshans (SS)

The Blue Jays add some bullpen depth as they prepare to try and make the playoffs. They have contract control of Pop until 2026 and Bass has a team option for 2023. Pop has one of the best sliders, Bass owns a 1.41 ERA and has his nasty slider.

Grade: B+

The Marlins got a top 100 prospect to their system. He has trended in the wrong direction with an OPS just over .630. Miami needs hitting prospects to add to the phenomenal pitching they have already.

Phillies: David Robertson (RHP)

Cubs: Ben Brown (RHP)

Robertson is the relief pitcher the Phillies’ desperately needed. For years the plunders of the Phillies success have been their bullpen. Adding Robertson as a veteran presence in the back end will help give the bullpen confidence.

Grade: A-

Brown is a high-A arm with plenty of strike-out stuff. He is a few years removed from Tommy John surgery but the upside for Brown is tremendous.

Grade: B+

MLB Trade Deadline Busts

Padres: Josh Hader(CP)

Brewers: Taylor Rogers (CP), Robert Gasser (LHP), Esteury Ruiz (OF), Dinelson Lamet (RHP)

The Padres started the fireworks off on August first bringing in one of the best relievers in the game in Josh Hader. Hader who has had a solid year with a 4.24 earned run average with 29 saves this season. With his earned run average being so high it is not much a of needle mover. However, there is a chance with fresh scenery he can go back to his fantastic stuff.

Grade: B

For the Brewers, this is a weird move because they did not make their team much better but did not make it worse at the same time. Rogers has a similar ERA of 4.35 so they do not make the back end of their bullpen incredibly better. They add some good farm system help and add Lamet that will be able to work in the middle of the bullpen.

Grade: C

Red Sox: Tommy Pham (OF)

Reds: Player to be named later

The Red Sox had an interesting MLB trade deadline by selling off a key piece while making some additions. Pham was one of those additions. He has had a good season, especially against lefties, and will have a great time hitting at Fenway. The Red Sox are pushing for 2022 while trying to keep some value on the team to push for this year.

Grade: C

The Reds keeping Pham made no sense, which allows the Reds to start a young outfielder for the rest of the year.

Grade: C

Braves: Raisel Iglesias (RHP)

Angels: Jesse Chavez(RHP), Tucker Davidson(LHP)

After sending Will Smith to the Astros earlier in the day getting Iglesias was a good add for late-inning help. It adds a right handed pitcher to the bullpen to a heavy left handed bullpen. This gives manager, Brian Snitker, another arm to play with in the back end of the bullpen. Iglesias has a 4.04 ERA with 32 saves this year.

Grade: B

The Angels did nothing to make their team better with this trade. The only upside to moving Iglesias is that the Braves will be paying for his whole contract. Keep in mind the Angels just resigned him this offseason to this giant extension. With Shohei Ohtani wanting to win a move like this might deter him from resigning.

Grade: D+

Cardinals: Jose Quintana (LHP), Chris Stratton (RHP)

Pirates: Johan Oviedo (RHP),  Malcom Nunez(3B)

After deals fell through for Soto the Cardinals did not go after many other big names. Adding Quintana will help eat up some innings while they wait for Jack Flaherty to get off the IL. Stratton is a solid bullpen arm that will help for a playoff run. Getting both pitchers and not having to give up the whole farm system is an upside to this trade.

Grade: B-

The Pirates are relying on the possible upside to both of these players. They could have been stingier and requested more from their division rivals but the return they got will help fortify their system for trades down the road.

Grade: C

Astros: Trey Mancini (1B/OF), Jayden Murray (RHP)

Rays: Jose Siri (OF)

Orioles: Seth Johnson (RHP),  Chayce McDermott (RHP)

The Astros got the right-handed power bat they needed to make this team a juggernaut. One of the challenges is being able to play Yuli Gurriel and Mancini at the same time. With Michael Brantley being hurt Mancini may have some playing time in the outfield.

Grade: B+

The Rays got Jose Siri from the Astros which is an interesting move. He has struggled so far this season offensively but knowing the Rays they will figure out how to get the most out of him.

Grade: C


The Orioles got two pitchers in the deal that will help them in the future. They will not help them in their possible playoff run but down the road might make them a solid staff.

Grade: C

Phillies: Brandon Marsh(OF)

Angels: Logan O’Hoppe (C)

Centerfield was one of the needs the Phillies were trying to obtain during the MLB trade deadline and they were with this pickup. Marsh is a plus defender but a below-average batter. The Phillies gave up a lot for Marsh so hopefully, his defense will be able to make up for his lack of offense.

Grade: C

The Angels got a great prospect in return for Marsh. O’Hoppe is a top 100 prospect and turns into the Angels number one farm system option. He has a .877 OPS in double-A this year and can quickly move to the MLB.

Grade: A-

Red Sox: Eric Hosmer(1B), Max Ferguson (2B), Corey Rosier (OF), and cash

Padres: Jay Groome (LHP)

Eric Hosmer was at the center of attention throughout the day today. Originally he was a part of the Juan Soto trade, but because of a no-trade clause, he ended up in Boston. The prospects going to Boston have some upside with both being top 30 prospects in the Padres system. Hosmer does upgrade their first base woes and will be a placeholder until they can find a replacement next year.

Grade: C-

With the Padres still paying the majority of Hosmer’s contract, this deal was made to clear space for the people they added today.

Grade: D

Blue Jays: Whit Merrifield (2B)

Royals: Samad Taylor(2B/OF),  Max Castillo(RHP)

Whit Merrifield is nowhere near the talent that he was a couple of years ago while giving a lot up to get him. He does bring the ability to hit for contact but will not start in this star-studded lineup.

Grade: C-

The Royals were able to get some solid pieces back in the deal with Taylor being the centerpiece. Castillo is a rookie reliever that has flourished in the minors.

Grade: B

Cardinals: Jordan Montgomery (LHP)

Yankees: Harrison Bader (OF)

The Cardinals got a viable starter that they can rely on throughout the playoffs and addressed a need they were looking for. Montgomery has had a good year with the Yankees staff and will be interesting to see where he will slot in once they have their full staff.

Grade: B+

This trade for the Yankees is a head-scratcher. After Luis Severino goes down with an injury trading away a viable starter does not make a lot of sense. Bader is a good defensive option, but pitching is so important in the playoffs that a trade like this does not make sense for the Yankees.

Grade: C

Phillies: Noah Syndergaard (RHP)

Angels: Mickey Moniak (OF), Jadiel Sanchez (OF)

Syndergaard is not the pitcher he once was when he was a Met. But he will now serve as a solid third starter behind Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola. He can also be a bullpen option in the playoffs if that is a more suitable option for him.

Grade: C

The Angels did not have many options with Syndergaard. They wanted to be a playoff contender but the cards were not in their favor this year. The two prospects they got in return have limited signs of making an impact on the MLB roster.

Grade: D

Overall, the MLB trade deadline was an exciting day of news. Teams that were big winners of the MLB trade deadline were the Padres, Yankees, Mariners, Astros, Reds and Twins. For the Padres getting the stars in Soto and Hader definitely makes an impact in the National League. The American League teams are in an arms race to outdo one another. While the Reds completely redid their farm system and it will be exciting to watch what their team will be like in the next couple of years.

Some of the losers at the MLB trade deadline include the Athletics, White Sox, Mets, and the Angels. The Athletics and Angels made deals and did not get enough in return for the players they gave away. While the Mets and White Sox did not do enough at the MLB trade deadline to make a huge impact.

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