Three Sports on the Rise in North America

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The North American sports market used to largely be dominated by Football, Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball. However, thanks to the largely changing population of this market, which now sees three new sports rising in popularity. 

Three Sports on the Rise; Cricket

Cricket is traditionally enjoyed by fans in Europe, but has recently seen a surge in following in North America as the sport has become more accepted. It is now played by both men and women on the domestic and international level, which has allowed stars such as Jason Roy, Reece Topley, and Laurie Evans to rise. When talking to Betway about the best players that they ever had the chance to play with, the three provided answers of names from players all around the world; “We’ve been blessed with overseas players that you can’t believe. Kumar Sangakkara, KP, Hash, Ricky Ponting, Graeme Smith.” 

This shows a large part of why Cricket is seemingly on the rise in North America, as it is truly an international sport, in which anyone can be competitive. As well, it has a close relation to a sport that North Americans have already loved for ages in baseball. While the two have some key differences, their similarities make it easy for fans of one to take part in the enjoyment of the other. 

Three Sports on the Rise; Rugby

Rugby combines many features from sports that North Americans already love, as it seemingly has all the violence and contact of sports like Football and Hockey, with a more quick-to-watch format than either of them. This allows the sport to be on the rise in North America as it is something that the sports fan on the go can enjoy, not requiring a massive time commitment to get to watch full games take place. As well, once people become fans there is the option of watching Rugby 15’s, offering a longer, and more chaotic, viewing experience than the 14 minutes offered by rugby 7’s. The key thing to rugby is that every player has to have a high level of spatial awareness and chemistry with their teammates in order to perform. This extreme nature of the sport, going from extreme violence to extreme strategy makes the sport highly addictive to viewers, which is a likely reason that it sees a continual rise in viewership regardless of location. 

Three Sports on the Rise; LIV Golf

While golf has been a wealthy American pastime for a long time, this particular golf tour has taken the world by storm due to its injection of cash from the Saudi Arabian Southern Wealth Fund. This has allowed the tour to “supercharge the game of golf” by changing some of the format of how the game is played. First, it is played in teams rather than as an individual, as well, the tournaments are followed by live entertainment from popular singers and bands, which draws in fans to watch the live entertainment, as well as see the interesting team play. The tour is comprised of multiple 54-hole events, making each event more substantial than other tour events. The teams involved in this tour also have some big names such as Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Bubba Watson. These big names are also likely a driving force behind this growing fan base. While the play is riveting, the stories behind this tour are not all good ones, and there is a fair bit of drama and controversy that may also drive this tour into the spotlight. Sometimes, the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad press” rings true, and it certainly has for this tour. 

The three sports on the rise in North America seem to have a solid footing and are ready to get mass attention from all levels. But what do you think? Is there another sport deserving of a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments, and keep reading on Overtime Heroics.

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