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Ice Wars International: Reinventing the Enforcer

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There are two things Canadians love: Tim Hortons and a good old-fashioned hockey fight.

Ice Wars has found success, due to the NHL quietly removing the tough guy aspect from their game over the years. The promotion based out of Michigan held its second event Ice Wars 2 on August 6, as the mix of pro and semi-pro fighters duked it out inside the Ice Box.

The main event at Ice Wars 2 rocked the River Cree, as Daniel ‘Diamond Hands’ Amesbury took on Kurtis ‘Cowboy’ Swanson. Amesbury put Swanson on the ice early, landing a huge right hand that dropped ‘Cowboy’. The impressive victory proves why ‘Diamond Hands’ is the super heavyweight King of the Rink.

Other action at Ice Wars 2 included an 8-man, 1-night tournament in the cruiserweight division. The intense action throughout the evening concluded with Justin ‘Bull’ Schmit being crowned the King of the Rink in the division.

What Exactly is Ice Wars International?

Ice Wars International describes itself as being “the most extreme combat sport ever invented.” Anyone who’s ever tussled, while on skates can relate to how much skill actually goes into the art of punching someone in the face while on ice. The bouts are contested in an octagon-style enclosure, with ice as the canvas.

Each scrap is scheduled for two rounds, with every round being one minute in length. Main event bouts go three rounds if needed. A knockout or TKO ends the fight, and there are judges scoring the bouts should they go the distance. MMA-style gloves are used by each fighter, and helmets must be dawned during the entire dance.

Rules on the Ice

The rules for Ice Wars are fairly simple, and follow the basics of most other combat sports. Kicking, or kneeing an opponent is not allowed, and for good reason. Remember, these guys have razors strapped to their feet for the entire contest. Head-butting, hair pulling, and biting are against the rules and heavily frowned upon. As in MMA, you cannot hold onto your fellow enforcer’s gloves. Helmets are to stay on during the bout, but often pop off in comedic fashion. Other than that, it’s all about grabbing your opponent’s jersey and riffling as many shots as you can until somebody goes down.

Ice Wars International Weight Classes

There are currently only three weight classes competing in Ice Wars. Cruiserweight consists of fighters in the 190-205 pound range. After that, we move up to heavyweight with guys coming in anywhere from 205-220 pounds. The big boys fill out the super heavyweight division as it contains athletes that weigh over 220 pounds.

What do you think of this new take on combat sports? Let us know in the comments below.

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