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Harrison and Cyborg Battle as PFL Multi-million Dollar Fight Looms

Taking to Twitter, PFL‘s two-time champ-Kayla Harrison and Bellator‘s featherweight champ-Cris Cyborg had some more smack talk to dish out over a potential fight between the two superstars of the MMA circle. Harrison has been hunting for the fight for some time now and both Harrison and Cyborg have mentioned each other many times.

The trash talk stemmed from the news of Cyborg making her boxing debut. Harrison not a fan of the news took to Twitter saying, “Oh the irony." Cyborg, not one to stay quiet responded “What irony? Your own manager said you can"t sell a PPV… if that isn"t a red flag." Harrison then went on a tirade “Then come take the money and find out. Winner can take all." Harrison continued “On second thought, u can have my purse if U win. Keep yours when u lose [because] you"re gonna need it."

Harrison didn"t let off the gas there, following up with “and I"ll agree to full USADA drug testing and u can juice to the gills. The only thing I ask for is elbows on the ground to be made legal." You can read the full thread below.

Harrison Interrupts The MMA Hour

Harrison then took to The MMA Hour to plead her case for Cyborg to take the offer to fight her under PFL, “She (Cyborg) can be like Thanos and get all the jewels." Harrison then explained her conversations with PFL"s management “The last I talked to them, Cyborg was a free agent, they basically were like ‘name your price" and I don"t know if they heard anything back." Harrison continued “If she needs help getting the deal signed, I will call Peter Murray myself, and Donn Davis and ask them on her behalf."

Harrison even alluded to how she was working towards a fight with Cyborg when she was a free agent. “When I was a free agent, I took steps to make this fight happen, did I or did I not? I received an offer, I accepted that, PFL had the right to match that." Harrison explained “Everyone knew why I was coming to Bellator, and it wasn"t because of PFL. It was for one person. It was for Cyborg and I"m still trying to make this fight happen."

Ariel Helwani then asked what the ‘irony" was from Harrison"s tweet, Harrison explained, “The cans, I fight the cans, everyone"s a can. Can, can, can, tomato can, Del Monte can, you know, they"re all cans. Coca-Cola cans. She"s [Cyborg] fighting someone who"s 17-21."

You can find the Harrison conversation around the 4-hour and 36-minute mark of the show.

Shortly after the interview, Donn Davis Co-owner and founder of PFL supported the idea of a potential Harrison and Cyborg fight via. twitter, “Fans want the fight, fighters want the fight. I have watched and listened… PFL will provide all money and handle all matters. $1M each fighter + $2M winner bonus. PPV super fight, no more talk, decide the best inside the cage." Cyborg then re-entered the chat not seeing the fairness in payment saying, “she gets an equal fight purse based on what? Being your champion? Beating a fighter who"s 12-13? All the ppv"s she sold?"

It should be noted that Cyborg"s boxing foray at the time is just a one-fight deal, but Harrison doesn"t want the potential fight between the two to become obsolete, “I want to make this fight happen, I"m not fake. This is what I want." Harrison said.

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