BKFC’s 10 Craziest Bare Knuckle Fights – Part Two

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BKFC is one of the fastest-rising combat sports organizations in the world. Debuting in 2018, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is the first promotion to hold an official state-sanctioned and commissioned bare-knuckle boxing event since the late 1800s.

Since its inception, BKFC has signed some of combat sports’ biggest names including Hector Lombard, Paige VanZant, Artem Lobov, ‘Platinum’ Mike PerryFelice Herrig, Chad Mendes, John Dodson, Ben Rothwell, Greg Hardy, and many more. Recently, the promotion announced a blockbuster signing of Muay Thai legends Buakaw Banchamek and Saenchai. The organization continues to grow at a staggering pace, but it’s not just the names that make BKFC popular. It’s the insane hard-hitting action that gets produced inside the squared circle.

Today, we complete our journey to find the 10 most insanely brutal and bloody bare-knuckle wars ever going down inside the BKFC ring. Here are your top five craziest BKFC brawls. Before proceeding, be sure to read Part One featuring fights No. 6-10 on the list.

#5 – Julian Lane vs. Thiago Alves at BKFC 12

Longtime combat sports fans undoubtedly recognize Julian Lane for his run on The Ultimate Fighter, famously quipping the phrase, “Let me bang, bro!” Lane has become a mainstay in BKFC, delivering high-octane performances in each outing. While he may not win every fight he participates in, Lane is always entertaining and brings the heat to any man that toes the line with him.

For 10 minutes, the two fighters threw heavy leather, without the leather, landing clean and bloodying one another. Despite being on the wrong side of the split decision, it was arguably Lane’s best performance in the squared circle up to that point.

For Alves, it was a return to the win column following a tumultuous 14-year career in the UFC. ‘Pitbull’ ended his time in the Octagon losing four of his last five, but earned back-to-back wins under the BKFC banner starting with his instant classic against Julian ‘Night Train’ Lane.

#4 – Tom Shoaff vs. Diego Carijo at BKFC 4

The No. 4 bare-knuckle brawl on our list is a rematch between Tom Shoaff and Diego Carijo. The two previously fought at BKFC 2 with Carijo walking away with the victory by way of knockout. In their BKFC 4 rematch, it was the Tom Shoaff show.

Setting the theme of the evening early, Shoaff scored a knockdown of Carijo just 1:10 into the first round. Shoaff would score another knockdown near the halfway point of the third round with another solid left. Carijo would go down one more time before the third came to a close.

Shoaff would drop Carijo one more time in the fourth. Knowing that his time was running out, Carijo picked up the pace, swarming Shoaff with strikes, nearly knocking him down, but the fight was halted in the fourth due to a nasty cut on Carijo’s forehead. At the advice of the ringside doctor, the referee stopped the bout, awarding Shoaff the victory via TKO.

#3 – Dave Rickels vs. Julian Lane at BKFC Fight Night Wichita

The next fight on our list brings us back to ‘Night Train’ Julian Lane. Always ready to “bang, bro,” Lane did just that when he faced Dave Rickels at BKFC Fight Night Wichita in October 2021. For 10 minutes, both fighters delivered utter chaos, throwing caution to the wind and swinging for the fences every step of the way.

In round three, Lane staggered Rickels with a solid left, but as he moved in to capitalize, Rickels continued to throw hands stopping Lane’s momentum. In the closing moments, Rickels swarmed an exhausted Lane, securing his unanimous decision victory in one of BKFC’s most entertaining brawls of all time.

#2 – Uly Diaz vs. Thiago Alves at BKFC 18

Thiago Alves‘ sophomore appearance in the BKFC squared circle delivered spectacular results landing this fight against Uly Diaz as the No. 2 craziest bare-knuckle brawl in the promotion’s history. Coming off of a world-record two-second knockout of Donelei Benedetto at BKFC 14, Diaz entered the bout with unprecedented momentum, but it was Alves who walk away the victor.

Both fighters managed to knock down one another through the course of the bout, but Alves would see his hand raised at the end of the third round due to a doctor’s stoppage. Unfortunately, the bout has not been made available on YouTube, but you can always view the insanity through the BKFC App. The fight is also available to view on Dailymotion.

#1 – Trukon Carson vs. Rynell Riley at BKFC Fight Night Tampa

During the prelim portion of the BKFC Fight Night Tampa event, Trukon Carson and Rynell Riley gave the fans the craziest all-out brawl in the promotion’s history. No technique. No strategy. Just two fighters swinging for the fences. It was reminiscent of a ‘Rocky’ film. All offense and little to no defense.

Clinching up early in the first, the fighters engaged in some highly entertaining dirty boxing. Broken up by the referee, both men opted to stand in the pocket and trade shots. Taking an immense amount of damage, the fight was called off just seconds into the third-round due to a significant amount of swelling around the eye(s) of Carson.

Though the contest only lasted a little over four minutes, both fighters never let up for a moment, throwing bombs every step of the way. The fight has not been uploaded independently, but you can view it via the YouTube embed below at the 47:00 mark.

And there you have it! The 10 craziest bare-knuckle brawls in BKFC history.

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Let us know what your favorite BKFC wars are in the comments and on social media.

BKFC returns on August 20th when the promotion invades London for BKFC 27. In the main event, Bellator MMA star Michael ‘Venom’ Page crosses over to face ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry in the main event. Also scheduled is a showdown between former UFC star Paige VanZant vs. Charisa Sigala in what fans have dubbed the ‘OnlyFans Championship.’

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