BKFC Brawler Mike Perry Issues Warning: ‘These Hands is Bisexual Motherf*****’

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‘Platinum’ Mike Perry delivered a rather interesting warning to Michael ‘Venom’ Page ahead of their bare-knuckle main event at BKFC 27 on August 20th.

With their fight just days away, things are beginning to heat up between the former UFC star and the Bellator MMA fan-favorite who are set to square off in a historic crossover bout when BKFC invades London. While discussing the upcoming clash, Perry found himself slightly off-topic, discussing his highly-publicized run-ins with the law over the years.

“People talk shit about me, because that old man came at me and I swatted his ass,” said Perry. “I swatted a few people in these streets. These hands is bisexual motherfucker… Anybody can get it. Any gender. Anybody can get this shit at any given time because I don’t trust nobody. If anybody gets too close to me it’s going down like that.”

“I get what you’re saying, ‘You’re a high-level athlete, you ain’t got time for these guys in the streets.’ I try not to have time for them, but they force their way in there, and you gotta swat ’em out. Flyswatter.”

The “old man” that Perry mentions is a reference to an incident where ‘Platinum’ knocked out a bar patron following an altercation that was caught on video. Perry can also be heard in the video yelling racial slurs as he is being removed from the situation.

Mike Perry calling his hands “bisexual” also comes off as especially tasteless given the fighter’s history of domestic abuse. In a 2020 interview with MMA Junkie, Perry’s ex-wife Danielle Nickerson stated that she had been assaulted by Perry “a handful of times,” but it all came to a head on February 10, 2020, when Perry allegedly “ground-and-pounded” Nickerson following a night out in Orlando, Florida.

“It was like a movie,” Nickerson said. “You’re like, this isn’t my life. What is happening right now? I (thought) if I don’t leave and run out of this house, I will die.”

‘Platinum’ denied the accusations, saying that he had never put his hands on Nickerson in a violent way during their marriage.

“I did not put hands on my ex at any point in our short-term [sic] marriage,” Perry said, adding that he’s received help for both alcohol use and anger management. “… I have realized that I have said some things in the past that do not put me and what I stand for in the best of light and for that, I apologize.”

Mike Perry Thinks MVP Should be Worried About BKFC Debut

Michael Page will venture out of the Bellator cage and into the BKFC squared circle to make his highly-anticipated debut inside the squared circle. With a record of 20-2, ‘Venom’ has been a force in mixed martial arts, but Page’s opponent Mike Perry believes the London native should be plenty worried about stepping into his world.

“I want to see what happens when I do connect with you and I do get some cuts on your face. I want to see what happens then,” Perry said.

‘Platinum’ has only competed once under the BKFC banner, scoring a unanimous decision win over Julian Lane in what was dubbed as one of the 10 craziest brawls in BKFC history. Perry’s UFC career came to an end in 2021 after losing four of his last five in the Octagon. Perry was signed by BKFC shortly after.

“You slippery little snake boy. I’m coming after you. I’m coming for you. You should be worried, MVP. I’m a psychopath,” Perry screamed.

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