Carolina Hurricanes Prospects Update 2022-23

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The Carolina Hurricanes prospects system is a great place to develop as a young player. Ahead of the 2022-23 NHL season, many of the Carolina Hurricanes prospects will be looking to make it onto the main roster, as well as being chosen for training camps and AHL roster spots. So which prospects could have a shot, and which one may get a chance to continue to develop?

Carolina Hurricanes Prospects: Top Three

Ryan Suzuki

Ryan Suzuki is one of the Hurricanes’ prospects that are at the top of the pool. The 21-year-old plays a lot like his older brother Nick Suzuki, as both are strong playmaking centers who could be real difference makers for their teams. This season could be the break that sees Ryan Suzuki break out of the prospect system and into the starting lineup. While he may not have put up the most points last season in the AHL, he still looked quite strong as a two-way player. While he may benefit from some physical training to become a larger player, his skills are certainly ready to break out of the Carolina Hurricanes prospect system.

Jack Drury

Jack Drury is a shining star of the Hurricanes’ prospect system, during his first two games in the NHL, Drury was able to put up two goals, putting him at a point per game. The player has made a splash in the North American game after being a large part of the Chicago Wolves’ playoff run for the AHL Calder Cup, putting up the most goals, assists, and points from a rookie during the playoffs. Before this, Drury was able to secure multiple other pieces of silverware including a World Championship Bronze Medal, SHL Championship, and U20 WJC Bronze. As a well-decorated forward, Drury is likely a top Carolina Hurricanes prospect and could be a feature on the opening night roster.

Ronan Seeley

Ronan Seeley is a strong leader having served as captain of the Everett Silvertips in the 2021-22 season. Although Seeley was drafted in the 7th round of the 2020 NHL entry draft, the player has proven that he could serve the role of a top-six defenseman and was a steal for the Hurricanes. The player put on a masterclass as a defenseman with the Canadian team at the 2022 World Junior Championships, where they captured a gold medal. If Seeley can continue to grow at the rate he currently has, he could prove to be the Hurricanes’ best defensive prospect.

Honourable Mentions

Pyotr Kochetkov

Pyotr Kochetkov is an overall strong goalie who plays aggressively from his crease he uses his body well, and blocks shots in an effective fashion. During the AHL Calder Cup playoffs, Kochetkov managed a .950 save percentage, as well as posting two shutouts. Overall, this young goalie has changed himself into a player that could manage an impressive NHL career. While it is unlikely that Kochetkov will be a regular fixture in the Hurricanes’ main roster this season, given the powerful tandem of Frederik Andersen and Antti Raanta, he could certainly find himself serving as an NHL net-minder in the next couple of seasons.

Dominik Bokk

Dominik Bokk is a solid two-way forward, however, he has currently yet to recapture his best form in which he put up 71 points in 41 games. While this type of season may be out of reach for the player, he still certainly could recapture a point-producing role. In the meantime, his defensive performances are admirable and he could make for a good addition to a fourth line or penalty kill unit, helping to keep the puck out of the back of the net, and using his body to create a screen for higher goal-scoring forwards. While he may not currently be a top prospect in the pool, he still does have some potential to make it into the lines in the next few seasons.

Anttoni Honka

Anttoni Honka is a strong presence in defence, but not necessarily as a defenseman. Honka is strong at creating plays, and at putting points on the board but in recent seasons he has struggled in terms of +/- rating. Last season alone Honka had a -23 in terms of +/- after posting 37 points. The upside to this is that head-coach Rod Brind’Amor is great at converting players to have a strong two-way game, and training them to be proficient in the defensive end of the ice. With this in mind, there is a good chance that Honka could be exactly the type of player to fit into the Hurricanes’ prospect roster, and with a couple of seasons of training camps and developments, he could break his way into the Hurricanes starting roster.

While the Carolina Hurricanes prospect pool is extensive, these stars of the system could see some progress across the next season and might get some ice time during the preseason to play with the team in a more low-pressure situation. But what do you think? Who did we miss from the Hurricanes system, and how could these players advance? Let us know in the comments and keep reading here on Overtime Heroics Hockey.

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