NBA Players and Their Unusual Hobbies

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To be a successful NBA player, it requires a lot of sacrifice and determination. In other words, the most famous NBA star’s primary focus is training hard and staying fit for their matches. Besides that, they need to stay relaxed, so plenty of them have fun hobbies. Some stars have the strangest hobbies like collecting and reading comic books or playing musical instruments. The others choose to bowl, skate, bet on sports, play casino games, or even video games. 

Follow this article further and discover the unusual hobbies among basketball players.

NBA Stars Enjoy Betting on Sports

It is not strange that gambling is one of the hobbies of basketball players. Since they are rich, the entertainment and thrill of playing casino games like table games, card games, or sports wagering are not unusual. One of Michael Jordan’s hobbies is playing online casino games, especially betting on golf. Even though some people say this kind of hobby is unhealthy, the NBA legend claims that it is just a hobby he can afford. Jordan still plays at the land-based venues occasionally. 

Michael Jordan is known for mostly winning when gambling. However, that is not the case for Charles Barkley. This basketball star is known for losing money on gambling more than he needed. In his own words, back in 2006, he spent around $10 million at land casinos. On the other hand, he won more than $700 000 dollars by betting on the Super Bowl the next year. Moreover, there are lots of NBA stars and coaches that also love to play card games and slot machines. So, let’s see what makes them such an appealing pass time.  

Why Are Casino Games so Popular

Any gambling game is easy to learn. They are available on the internet where celebrities can play anonymously. With the introduction of online casinos and casino Paysafecard as a payment option, it became really convenient and safe to gamble online. The best software providers tend to produce various high-quality titles for a different approach. Some of the most popular software providers are:

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Bowling as an NBA Star’s Favorite Hobby

Bowling may not be a favorite sport for everyone, but plenty of basketball players enjoy playing it occasionally. The most determined bowler among the basketball stars is Chris Paul. He would rather choose to go bowling than placing bets on betting sider sites like his colleagues. Chris Paul claims that his hobby is great for training concentration, aim, and muscles. Other than that, he finds it stress relieving. 

In the summer, according to him, his entire family enjoys bowling during most of their free time. So he is not only focused on training himself in various ways but to spend as much time as he can with his family. Chris Paul’s determination for bowling funded the L.A.X. in 2012, and by the time he became the owner of it. For those who are not familiar, L.A.X. is a professional bowling team from Los Angeles.

Musician Stars off the Court?

One of the hobbies of famous sportsmen is taking part in playing music. It is a great way to keep your mind relaxed before important matches. NBA star Pau Gasol has a music hobby, and it’s a passion for playing the bass violin. His love for music is so great that he is a member of the LA Opera. That helps him to keep his mind 100% sharp along with his body. He also enjoys reading books and going to concerts.

On the other hand, the point guard all-star player Damian Lillard has a totally different taste in music. This basketball star is famous for his rap music career and is known as Dame D.O.L.L.A. in the rap music world. He released four albums so far, together with nine singles as a rapper. 

Some NBA Stars Enjoy the Thrill of Video Games

Aside from hobbies like playing online casino games, plenty of basketball players love to spend their time on video games. It is not strange that one of the favorite video games of basketball players is the EA Sports NBA 2K series. Most NBA stars enjoy the thrill of playing such video games against each other, but many of them play other competitive games. 

The ones that are seriously into the Fortnite tournaments are Josh Hard and Reggie Jackson. Lonzo Ball enjoys playing PUBG for most of his free time. The one who enjoys RPG open-world games like GTA is Andre Drummond. He is also passionate about third-person action games like God of War.


There are plenty of hobbies among basketball players, and everyone needs stress relief. The NBA stars have plenty of hobbies such as bowling, playing casino games, betting on sports, playing music, and many others. These activities help them a lot to stay sharp for upcoming matches. Many of them are quite successful at their hobbies apart from their basketball skills. Professional athletes need to keep their mental and physical habits healthy to maintain the pursuit of their careers.

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