Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver 1 Duo: AJ Brown and Devonta Smith

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You can smell it in the air, hear the chants from stadiums in your head, and are itching at the edge of your seat: the 2022 NFL season is set to start in just under two weeks. We have all been waiting for this since February and it is now just around the corner. The Philadelphia Eagles are entering this season with an asset that they have not been able to claim for many years, a dynamic wide receiver duo with AJ Brown and Devonta Smith.

With the addition of Brown to the bird gang, the Eagles have essentially two WR1’s on their roster. Complementing Brown, is 2021 first round pick (#10 overall), Devonta Smith. In my opinion, the Eagles have not had a true WR1 since the days of DeSean Jackson. Jackson’s last impactful season as a Philadelphia Eagle, was in 2013 when the deep threat burner posted 83 catches, 1,332 yards, and 9 touchdowns. Eight seasons have gone by with sub-par receiving for the Eagles. The boys in South Philly got what they needed for a long time heading into the 2022-2023 NFL season.

AJ Brown and Devonta Smith: Perfect Complements

The Philadelphia Eagles have the potential to possess one of the most lethal wide receiver duo in the league for years to come. AJ Brown and Devonta Smith are the perfect duo due to the differing style of play between them. AJ Brown is recorded at 6’1” and 226 lbs, while Devonta Smith is recorded at 6’0” 170 lbs. Brown and Smith are both extremely dominant receivers who play the game very differently based upon their respective physical statures.

Brown is well known for his ability to run through defenders and gain a large helping of yards after catch. Smith on the underhand, is famous for his smaller stature, utilizing his exceptional route running skills and magnet-like hands to make plays. This gives quarterback, Jalen Hurts, two star studded receiving options with differing skill sets to make plays downfield.

Throughout his NFL tenure, AJ Brown is credited with 185 catches, 2,995 yards, and 24 touchdowns. Brown has been in the league for 3 years and has been a complete offensive weapon. He has often been described to have the running style of a running back after catching a pass, always looking to gain the extra yard and never afraid to give out or take a hit.

In addition to his hard nose style of play, the Ole Miss alum has shown the Philly Faithful that he is all in for the Birds. Since being signed by the Eagles back in April the wideout has been very vocal on social media and when speaking to the press about his excitement to be apart of the roster.


AJ Brown is already embracing the Philadelphia attitude of “Nobody likes us, we don’t care”. The former Tennessee Titan is what the City of Brotherly Love and the Eagles have been needing and wanting for several years now. There is no doubt that he will be adored by Eagles fans all over and will be a massive improvement to the Philadelphia roster.

Switching gears to Brown’s complementary wideout on the roster, Devonta Smith. The “Slim Reaper” has been an Eagle for a year now and will look to continue his success on and off the field with the Birds this season and build upon what he produced last season. Smith was responsible for 64 catches, 916 yards, and 5 touchdowns during his rookie campaign in 2021.

The Alabama alum is a smooth operator on the gridiron, deceiving defensive backs with his illusive and fluent route running skills and using his speed to dominate downfield. Smitty also has proved that he has some of the best hands across the league with some mind boggling catches during the 2021-2022 season, most notably the toe drag catch against the Giants.

Just like AJ Brown, Smith has also embraced the Philly lifestyle and attitude. Supporting this most recently came from an interview with the media when Devonta Smith admitted to his love for Wawa hoagies.

Problems for Opposing Secondaries

These two receivers on the field at the same time will be nothing short of a nightmare for contending secondaries and defensive coordinators. Opposing teams could plan to double team one of the receivers, this isolates a corner and most likely a safety from the defensive scheme allowing the other offensive players to have an easier time getting open for Jalen Hurts to deliver.

Eagles fans have been itching to see these two playmakers take the field for the regular season in September for months now and soon they will finally get to see that. The Philadelphia Eagles open their 2022 campaign on the road in Detroit against the Lions on September 11th at 1:00 pm. Just about time for our Eagles to fly.

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