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Is Carla Esparza, the Cookie Monster, In A Make or Break Moment?

On May 7th, Carla Esparza was able to re-capture the 115 pound title after winning the inaugural title back in 2014. Despite the crowning moment, a poor performance from both parties has left both fighters in a bad spot. With November still a few months away, is this first title defense a make or break moment for the Mexican American known as the Cookie Monster? 

November 12th, Make or Break

The MMA Report was the first to give a date for Carla Esparza Vs. Weili Zhang being November 12th. One quick look on twitter will have most people dismissing Esparza’s chances completely. Typically when someone reaches a title, they still have a good amount of options if they lose their title. For the California native A loss would leave her in an odd spot where getting back to a title shot would be a real challenge. 

With The Cookie Monster approaching 35 years of age, there is a question of how long she wants to compete for. Many forget she almost got  snubbed of her title shot after a five fight win streak. MMA fans tend to have a short memory that may play into her favor as a big win over an elite fighter like Zhang would make her title reign. 

Are Fans Too Quick to Count out The Cookie Monster?

It would be fair to think a lot of pressure would be mounting on Carla Esparza, but that may not be the case. Now riding a six fight win streak, the champion has to be feeling confident in her skills. Also Esparza has not shied away from the media, and has been more willing to stick her flag in the ground as champion, namely by implying that Zhang is not the true Number 1 contender. 

While some MMA fans have viewed this as her trying to avoid what they view as a tougher matchup, Esparza is far from the first champion to play this game with the media. It could be that the cookie monster has some plans in mind for the future, in terms of promotion. 

The Main Question for The Cookie Monster 

Sticking with the main question, most fighters don’t find themselves in this make or break situation, but what are the stakes for this fight? It comes down to legacy, a loss could discredit a lot of what Esparza has accomplished, especially this most recent title victory. A win could shoot her stock to the moon. While this fight is a ways away, it poses some interesting question worth thing about, especially in the world of WMMA.

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Dart Quail
273 days ago
Esparza will lose! Zhang has the best coaches and gameplanners at Bangtao and Fight Ready.
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