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Joe Rogan’s Dog Starts A MMA League? Marshall Fighting Championship

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Marshall Inu, the cryptocurrency that started as a joke by being named after Joe Rogan’s dog, is breaking-down new barriers and has already raised millions of dollars to help fix fighters’ pay issues in the UFC, now Marshall Fighting Championship (MFC) is here.

The cryptocurrency has sponsored almost every big name in the MMA world such as Kamaru Usman, Aljamain Sterling, Alex Volkanovski, Gilbert Burns, Rose Namajunas, Bobby Green, Bas Rutten, Chael Sonnen, Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal, Bryce Mitchell, Paolo Costa, Dereck Brunson, Kevin Gastelum, etc the list goes on and on.

It’s reported that over five million dollars has been distributed to fighters to help pay for training expenses, medical bills, and they even bought a fighter a car.

But now “Joe Rogan’s dog” is launching its new combat sports promotion: called Marshall Fighting Championship.

What makes MFC quite unique is that fighters’ salaries and bonuses will be handled solely in Marshall Inu’s currency: MRI.

“We are creating an ecosystem for Combat sports using our native token. Crypto is not going anywhere and we want to make sure combat athletes are ahead of the wave when it comes to innovation and technology.

I don’t think the day is very far where athletes will be entirely paid via cryptocurrencies. We just saw that Starbucks has recently stopped accepting cash in their stores.” said Dave Leduc, MFC President.

Marshall Fighting Championship Roster

MFC just announced the signature of their first 3 fighters starting with an American MMA prospect from Atlanta Georgia, Cole Ferrell with an impressive record of 10-1.

The promotion led by Lethwei World Champion Dave Leduc has also signed two Lethwei rising stars, such as Slovakia Michal Kosic, who’s undefeated in Lethwei.

Fresh from two brutal wars on Slovakian soil, where one of the opponents of Kosic broke his hands during the fight. Lethwei is not for the faint-hearted.

MFC also just announced that Canadian Lethwei star Dan Lariviere, who is also undefeated under Lethwei rules has just signed with the promotion.

Dan won his debut by TKO in London and recently won the Bareknuckle Muaythai belt in the UK, against the former British Lethwei Champion.

Dave Leduc Gives His Thoughts

“Kosik from Slovakia and Lariviere from Canada are the most active and dominant Lethwei fighters at their weight right now.

When I planned the launch of MFC I wanted to be able to hold a world title fight as soon as possible.

After discussion with the World Lethwei Federation and President Andi Egeberg, they approved the fight between Kosik and Lariviere and we are very happy and honored to hold the first Lethwei World Title fight under the WLF supervision.

Kosik is a quick and relentless fighter and Lariviere is a crafty and aggressive athlete. Both men will give the fans watching the event around the world a memorable show. I expect this fight to be the Fight of the night.” – Leduc said.

Leduc also confirmed that WLF president Mr. Egeberg and Polish Lethwei Federation President Maciek Skupinski will both be attending the event in Brezno, Slovakia.

Exciting times are ahead, Dave Leduc and Marshall Fighting Championship are looking to change the future of combat sport.

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