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Which Big 6 Club is Most Likely to Stumble This Season?

With the Premier League now underway, the big six clubs of the league have had a diverse opening. Some teams have crumbled, and some have been shining bright, which makes betting on sports rather difficult, and leads to the need for things such as football accumulator tips. So which team looks likely to stumble and have a worse-than-expected season? 

Big Six Clubs Currently Stumbling


After a few prolific seasons, people were certain that Liverpool would be sitting close to the top of the table, however, they currently sit in seventh place in the league. The departure of Sadio Mane seems to have had a massive impact on the team, as they now seem to be missing a key element to their team, and have yet to find a way to fill that hole. Mohammed Salah has had a rough start to the season in his offensive position, and Roberto Firmino has not been able to cover for that missing offensive production. As well, the signing of Darwin Nunez, although a good move, could not hope to fill the hole left by the departure of a top forward like Mane, as he still certainly needs more time within the league. If Liverpool is to claim a top position in the league this season, they need to recapture the form they’ve had these past seasons and fast. Otherwise, they could be the big six club with the biggest stumble of the season. 


Arsenal has been the usual suspects when it comes to a big six team stumbling in a season recently. Ever since the bad morale issues started back when Alexis Sanchez was looking to leave, the club has been experiencing sporadic success that has yet to result in a position playing anything more than UEFA Europa League Football. Now, the team has made a fair few acquisitions but has still yet to bolster their CDM position, with Thomas Partey being the only real consistent option to play in the position, which would not work long-term as injuries and other issues are bound to happen if the team overplay him. What the team and manager Mikel Arteta need to do is find another solid anchor in mid-field in order to act as a relief for Partey, while also holding the same level of play. Because of this, it is unlikely that Arsenal will be able to hold onto their spot on top of the league, making them the team with the longest pay to fall of the big six teams.

Manchester United

Manchester United has been going through some growing pains recently, as the team has adjusted to yet another new manager in Erik Ten Hag, who has made quite a few changes to this top six club. One of the biggest changes has been the continued bench position being served out by Christiano Ronaldo. While this hasn’t necessarily hurt the team, it has raised a lot of questions about the new manager"s style. The team failed to make a lot of the signings they wanted during the transfer window, however, they seem to have captured a fair few former Real Madrid players with Ronaldo, Casemiro, and Raphael Varane. If this team wants to recover from their growing pains, they are going to need to find a scheme that works with the players they currently have, as well as sink into the new roles they will be serving, such as was displayed in Marcus Rashford finally managing to put up points in recent games. Otherwise, this big six club will not be able to remain in the top spots of the league.

So which of these big six clubs is most likely to have the bigger stumble, and result in them needing to rebuild with new elements during the transfer window? It seems like it is going to be Liverpool, as they don’t currently seem to have a replacement for the massive figure that was Sadio Mane. Without his chemistry and workload, it is unlikely the team will be able to recover this season, and it may see them needing to make a turnaround with new players next season. 

What do you think? Which of the big six clubs is most likely to stumble? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to stay tuned in to Overtime Heroics for more world football stories.

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