Golovkins: Canelo’s out of touch with reality, just an average Mexican boxer

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Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennadiy “Triple G” Golovkin are set to settle up this Saturday. This third chapter of their in-ring story will likely close out the heated, bitter rivalry for good. But it probably won’t end the bad blood between the two fighters. And, leading up to this upcoming bout, it’s clear that both truly do not like one another.

In recent days/weeks, Mexico’s Alvarez has gone on record with his dislike for the Kazakh KO artist and has even gone so far as to talk about how he’d like to be the one to forcefully end his career.

Alvarez’s dislike for Golovkin dates back to several brutally upfront statements Triple G made about his integrity as a fighter. After Alvarez tested positive for the banned substance clenbuterol prior to their second bout in 2018, Golovkin flat-out said that Alvarez was likely dirty in their previous encounter as well. He even said that he saw Alvarez with injection marks on his body that showed where he had shot up.

For Canelo, who already disliked the man for the insults hurled his way when Golovkin’s team was pursuing their first bout with him, this crossed a line and his seething hate could hardly be concealed. He vowed to never fight Golovkin again and to never again put another dime into his pocket by granting him another rematch.

But boxing being the business that it is, that vow eventually got walked back. And now we’re set for a part 3.

And Golovkin is talking just as much smack as Canelo. Even if Triple G says he isn’t talking smack WHILE talking smack.

“What I said was just facts,” Golovkin said in a video interview with the Clobberin’ Time YouTube channel. “He likes when people say flattering things. That’s different. I think if somebody is truthful and honest, it should be taken as a compliment.

“Maybe it’s his strategy to put the blame on me and call me ‘Double-faced’ instead. I know I’m not. We all know there was a verdict by an official organization, and whatever was said was just the facts,” said Golovkin, in apparent reference to Canelo testing positive for clenbuterol.

“We all know what happened, how he avoided this fight and that he went to court.

“We had a rematch clause, and he still broke the contract…If he said he had the toughest fighters if we look at those weight divisions if we look at 168, why not [David] Benavidez? If we look at 175, why not [Artur] Beterbiev?

“So, again, it’s kind of hypocritical, I would say all his craftiness, and I think we need to learn already, whatever he says, it’s not always true.

“I don’t know what he’s saying, and I don’t want to speak for him. We saw his behavior at the press conferences. We saw him raising his arms after his last fight [against Dmitry Bivol], probably believing that he won.

“It only shows that he’s out of touch with reality and that he’s revolving in his own world…

“For Canelo, like I said, delivering a loss, it would be good too, of course. To me, it’s not personal. It’s just another fight in my career. So that would be just a nice bonus.

“Of course, I hope I’ll win the third fight, and the judges will not be able to affect the situation. I hope the judges will be honest and fair. I can only hope. So, we’ll see how it’s going to go.

“…What excuses is he going to find, and how he’s going to wriggle out of this for this time around?

Golovkin’s twin brother Max, however, has been more direct that Gennadiy.

“I personally consider Canelo to be just an average boxer,” Max recently said. “That’s how Gennadiy and our team see him,” said Golovkin’s brother Max Golovkin.

“He’s just some average Mexican boxer that has been promoted to the top. But we know who he is and what his team is.”

So, yeah. Alvarez-Golovkin 3 this Saturday should be good.

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