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Dak Prescott Injury: Replacements for Dallas Quarterback

Things are not going good for the Dallas Cowboys. Not only did the Cowboys get defeated by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday Night, but they suffered a season-altering injury to one of their star players. With the latest Dak Prescott injury, the Dallas quarterback situation becomes an immediate concern.

The Dak Prescott injury occurred during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game and physicians successfully conducted surgery on the thumb on Monday. While Prescott will be out for 6-8 weeks, the Cowboys may be in the market for a short-term backup quarterback. With all the news going on, here are three options to be the next Dallas quarterback.

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Option #1: Trade for Mason Rudolph

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, you probably aren’t too high on Cooper Rush being the new Dallas quarterback in Dak’s absence. Maybe it is time to reach out to an old rival for one of their quarterbacks. In this option, the Cowboys should trade for Mason Rudolph of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Before the season, Rudolph was in trade talks due to the Steelers choosing Mitch Trubisky as the starter and rookie Kenny Pickett as the backup. Even though Rudolph has limited starter experience, the opportunity to learn in a new system is there. Dallas may bring in abnormal expectations, thanks to their loyal but sometimes delusional fanbase, but getting Rudolph on a low level trade would be beneficial and would give Rudolph a chance to prove that he is not just a product of Mike Tomlin’s system, he is his own quarterback.

Option #2: Trade for Jimmy G and end the drama in San Francisco

Another name linked to be the next Dallas quarterback for a short term replacement is San Francisco’s Jimmy Garoppolo. Currently, Garoppolo is signed on as the backup to Trey Lance as his trade status was one of the top storylines of the offseason. Maybe Dallas gives the 49ers a fair trade to possibly keep their season afloat until Dak returns.

Garoppolo is not a slouch, last season he was a few plays away from a second appearance in the Super Bowl. Jimmy has been a starter in the league for several years and he has been a game manager of sorts. Even though there are a few injuries currently hindering the Cowboys, Garoppolo should be the top option for Dallas to pursue in trade talks.

Option #3: Give Cam Newton a Call

If trading for a short-term option is not in the cards, maybe Dallas will look towards free agency. As you take a look in the quarterback free agent market, there is not too many quality options at the most important position but one name has been on everyone’s minds once the injury was announced. For the last option, the Cowboys should take a low risk and sign Cam Newton from free agency.

The former Carolina Panther and New England Patriot hasn’t played since last season with a less than stellar comeback with the Panthers. Maybe because of a certain failure of a head coach, that Newton couldn’t be at his best, but Cam showed flashes of his old self. Having a guy like Cam as the backup quarterback wouldn’t be too much of a PR thing, even though the Cowboys are the media darlings, no matter if they win or lose. The final decision is up to Dallas’s front office and hopefully they will make the right decision to help the team cope with the loss of Dak Prescott until his return in a few months.

With the latest Dak Prescott injury, who do you think the Cowboys should target to be the next Dallas quarterback? Let us know in the comments below.

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