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Vinicius JR and the Showboating Allegations

Vinicius is showboating? leave the kid alone.

Vinicius, the Star Attraction

Against Mallorca, Vinicius was the star attraction. He constantly terrorized the Mallorca defence with his quick feet and excellent footwork. Spanish publication MARCA reported that Vinicius heard shouts from the Mallorca bench calling for him to be kicked at and injured. MARCA also reported that Javier Aguirre shouted at his players to “BREAK HIM(Vinicius)."

Vinicius has been the subject of attention this season. His dancing and his alleged showboating have been the reason for discus by rival fans around the world, with some saying he is becoming “UNLIKEABLE" like Neymar.

A Case for Vinicius

Two seasons ago, under Zidane, Vinicius was the butt of the jokes, a meme. No doubt the talent was visible. But his efficiency and productivity remained a considerable worry. He would do fantastic work outside the box, but the end product would be disastrous.

For example, against Atalanta in the Champions League, He did exceptionally well to dribble past the opposition defence and get into the box, only to put it wide. This left Captain Sergio Ramos reeled in frustration.

Against Sevilla, in the closing stages of the La Liga Campaign, unfortunately Vinicius missed an open goal; that may have been why we lost the trophy and let Atletico Madrid run away with it. The talent was there, but the end product left much to be desired. Vinicius could not be trusted.

Fast forward to the present, Vinicius is a player different from the one under Zidane. The trickery is still present and even sharper, but the end product has moved up ten levels.

Vinicius is capable of burying chances efficiently and is now the man Real Madrid looks to for offensive threat when Karim Benzema is absent. Nobody believed that would be possible two seasons ago. He was pivotal in a very successful 2021/2022 season and started the new season on fire.

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Why Fans Should Love Vinicius Jr.

There is no stopping Vinicius Jr. I love this Vinicius Jr; I love this player. The kid is confident, believes in himself and his abilities, and is willing to draw the fouls and tackles. This player knows what he was and how he was rated at the time. Who knows what he is right now and what he will be? The kid has “balls", and I love it. The Bernabeu loves it, too, and Madrid fans worldwide are starting to love it.

Most especially fans, including me, worked night and day to convince people that this guy could be the guy. The one who can fill in the vast boots Cristiano Ronaldo left and spearheaded the success of Real Madrid for the next ten to fifteen years. He has all the qualities to be that guy.

Also, Vinicius is Brazilian — and we know Brazilians love football. They play for the fun of it. They play to enjoy it. They play because they love it. We can"t criticize a player for being skillful and possessing trickery. He has the quality and is utilizing it for the team"s good. It is not showboating. It"s football. Players like Ronaldinho, Okocha, and Young Cristiano Ronaldo were adored and built their reputations off trickery and skill; why criticize young Vinicius for doing the same? It"s absurd.

Let the kid play and enjoy his football. He plays for Real Madrid, the most successful club in football history and arguably the most remarkable institution in sports history. Nobody Criticizes Mbappe for his speed or Haaland for his strength and physique. Stop criticizing Vinicius for his trickery.

On The Flipside

Yes, Games like Mallorca may become a routine. Defenders will be even more aggressive with their tackles toward Vinicius, which may be a concern. Now it is up to him to be wiser with his trickery. Keep it at a certain level.

We all want Vinicius to make 400 or even more appearances for Los Blancos. That will not happen if he spends an unbelievable amount of time on the Sidelines. Injuries are typical in football, we know. But frequent long spells on the sidelines can frustrate the player and the club and damage the player"s confidence and form.

Vinicius doesn"t need to look far if he is looking for an example. Marco Asensio is right beside him. Carlo Ancelotti also has to constantly drum it into his ears and ensure he keeps It in check.

The club also has to find a way to protect this player because what we have on our hands is a Diamond and the Future. They must do their best to ensure Vinicius maximizes his potential and becomes the Galactico we all want and expect him to be.

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