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What’s Next for Tony Ferguson?

The best way to describe UFC 279 Fight Week would be chaotic. With the press conference being completely cancelled and the top three fights on the main card being shuffled and changed to what many described as a better fight card, through the ups and downs we finally made it to what was an exciting fight night. 

For the last fight on his UFC contract and with it quite possibly being the last fight with the company, Nate Diaz got a dream fight for many MMA fans with his matchup against Tony Ferguson. Many believed that this was a much better main event stylistically for both men and the fandom that backs these two simply had the MMA community salivating for the new UFC 279 main event.

The fight was a memorable one and we can thank the MMA gods for blessing the sport with this dream fight. It went to the fourth round and with Nate Diaz’s style, he wasn’t leaving the UFC without reminding the world just how slick of a submission expert he is. He did what many failed to do he submitted Tony Ferguson with a tight Guillotine after a failed take down. 

Many MMA Pundits are Calling for Retirement

Now this is where the sport of mixed martial arts gets depressing. With his fifth loss in a row, many MMA pundits are calling for the retirement of Tony Ferguson. It is hard to be the ones to tell these mixed martial art warriors to hang up the gloves. Tony Ferguson has a decorated career being The Ultimate Fighter 13 winner and even holding the Interim UFC Lightweight Championship.

Granted, Tony has been on quite a skid but the talent he has fought has always been top tier. He looked great against Michael Chandler until the potential knock out of the year happened, and it could have happened to anyone – it’s just unfortunate it happened to a fan favourite like Tony. As soon as that happened, you knew people were going to try and persuade him to retire. But the sad reality is that Father Time waits for no one. The sport of mixed martial arts is the most unforgiving when it comes to fans and journalists calling for retirement.

Tony is a smart man and is always willing to represent his brand, so it feels like he will know when it is time to call it quits. If Tony pursues more fights, he will have to start winning or just grow thicker skin, because you know the naysayers will continue to call for Tony to end his exciting career.

Who knows, maybe this losing streak has been an elaborate plan to lure his arch nemesis Khabib Nurmagomedov out of retirement so we get the unicorn of the fight game.

A Potential Fight for Tony Ferguson

One potential fight to make for Tony Ferguson that would be a huge pay day for not just the fighters but also for the UFC, would be against Conor McGregor. Any fight Conor’s name is attached to always seems to bring in the big bucks. With the back and forth these two have had over social media, it would be an easy fight to promote. Both men with their losing streak could use a big name win like this to spark a winning streak that could possibly be a path to title contention.

If you are a fan of Tony Ferguson or even if you cheer to see him lose, what would you like to see next for El Cucuy? Let us know in the comments!

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