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The Dreams of Being a World Champion Came True: Carlos Mota

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Sometimes in professional sports, the climb to becoming World Champion is a long, tiring journey. You train so hard and there are those days where it gets so difficult, you might even contemplate giving up the will to carry on during the fight camp. You are away from your family and friends. Your wallet is empty. You’re physically drained of energy. But one night, all of the hard work comes to fruition when you see yourself across the cage from the man or women that holds everything you worked so hard for. The dream of becoming world champion is there and the hunger grows as the fight goes on, but unfortunately in a blink of an eye, the fighter is left witnessing the ring announcer call out, “ANNND STILLLL” followed by their opponent’s name. Sadly for Carlos Mota, this was an all-to-familiar story.

You have five rounds mentally and physically to capture gold and in those rounds on January 21, 2022, Carlos Mota gave it his all, brain and body, against Charles Johnson at LFA 122. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t his night.

The Carlos Mota Story

The heartbreak of losing a major title fight the first time around could have broken Carlos Mota or any fighter who wants to be champ; it even could have ruined the fighting spirit so much it could have sent him into obscurity. But that is not how champions are built, and surely that is not how Carlos Mota is built. The fire may have flickered a little dimmer after LFA 122, but his heart kept beating knowing he would one day hold that LFA title belt high.

Carlos Mota’s World Champion Dream Became Reality

The dream of being a champion became reality for Carlos Mota when he captured gold at LFA 140: Mota vs. Abuev on August 26th 2022. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Carlos Mota wasted no time making a statement that sent ripples throughout the division, saying that the LFA Flyweight championship is his and his destiny was not going to be stopped. Not this time. It was going to be his name called after “ANNNND NEW” with the first round knockout of Rizvan Abuev.

Carlos Mota’s championship legacy was born with a perfectly placed left hook on the chin of Rizvan Abuev. As Abuev crumpled to the canvas, you knew that we were witnessing something special as all the hard work and perseverance was on full display at LFA 140.

Eyes on the Prize

Many fans of the sport feel the next stop for Carlos Mota will be the UFC, and there is no denying that he will one day enter the UFC ranks, but he can’t get caught up in all the UFC talk just yet. Carlos Mota has always had a different breed of being humble he never forgets where he came from, making him the man he is today. Having a great work ethic would never allow him to gain an ego, just because a title is wrapped around his waist. And that is a great role model for anyone on how to be a world champion.

Now the hard part begins for Carlos Mota; defending his world championship will come as a full-time job so to speak, training to defend his kingdom. But Carlos knows that after capturing LFA gold he has a target on his back, and this he took to social media, showing he was already back in the gym working out with no rest after his win against Rizvan Abuev. He is already preparing to defend his Flyweight.

When news for Carlos Mota’s next fight breaks, Overtime Heroics will keep you updated with all the fight night news on when and against who he will have his first title defence.

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