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New York Giants: Cut or Trade Kenny Golladay?

After examining Sunday’s week two matchup against the Carolina Panthers, has the New York Giants finally called it quits on veteran wide receiver Kenny Golladay? With only two snaps against the Panthers, the $72 million free agent signing has been an epic failure. After Sunday’s Week 2 game, Golladay quickly cleaned out his locker and exited the stadium. Golladay is too expensive to sit on the bench, so what can the Giants do with the veteran wide receiver?

Giants can cut Golladay?

Since signing a four-year contract with the New York Giants in 2021, Golladay has only 39 catches for 543 yards and zero touchdowns in 16 games. Golladay is the most expensive bench player in the NFL, making $13 million this season. Golladay’s weekly game check is set at $764,705 per game, making him an extremely expensive for no reason. Would the Giants consider cutting him? Golladay has struggled last season and so far this season, but it is still likely that he still will get $54 million from the Giants over the first three years of his contract.

Financially, it would be smart to cut him after year three of his contract. After year three, it would be much easier to cut Golladay, knowing they would only lose $6.8 million in dead money, instead of a $21.4 million if they cut him before his third year. Restructuring isn’t the best option as it would increase the the dead money hits in 2024 and 2025, making it more likely he will get the final $18 million of his contract in year four.

If the Giants’ head coach, Brian Daboll, and their general manager, Joe Schoen, want to make a statement, cutting Golladay would show the team exactly who is in charge. There is a new culture inside the Giants organization and it’s all about winning. The Giants master plan, is to gradually phase Golladay out and then cut him in the offseason when the cap math makes much more sense, but if Golladay becomes a distraction they would gladly swallow the financial burden and cut him right away.

A Potential Suitor

Looking at week three’s injury report, what team is in desperate need of wide receiver? There is one team that comes to mind and that is the Indianapolis Colts. With their star-wide receiver, Michael Pittman Jr, injured with a quadricep strain and their rookie wide receiver, Alec Pierce, out with a concussion, the Colts might seek some veteran experience in the wide receiver department. Would the Colts be willing to pay the price for Golladay and if so, what would they give up for him?

First off, if the Giants wanted to trade Golladay, the Colts would need to absorb most of his contract and to be honest, the team doesn"t seem likely to be interested. Golladay’s salary compared to his production is way too high and the Colts can make a better move elsewhere for the time being.

The Giants are stuck with Golladay

As of now, the New York Giants have no other option, but to hold onto Golladay for the time being. If the Giants are looking to trade Golladay, then his production would need to increase. The more receptions and targets he receives, the more attention he would receive around the league. Daboll would need to give Golladay some playing time if he wants his production to increase. It"s a difficult situation for all Giant fans, just be patient and trust the new regime.

Let us know where you think Golladay will end up leaving New York in the comments below!

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Dennis R
884 days ago
I'd LOVE to have Jamin Davis but he's been averaging closer to 30-35 for six weeks; not gonna come at #85.
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