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Arizona Coyotes Relocation Season; Dark Days of 2022-23

With the NHL Season rapidly approaching, many are left wondering just how much longer the Arizona Coyotes organization will remain a part of the league. The Arizona Coyotes are currently the laughing stock of the league, playing the next three seasons out of Arizona State University’s arena, which only has a capacity of approximately 5,000 fans. So how could the team that was placed within the bottom three of the 2022 Offseason NHL Power Rankings possibly hope to perform this season?

Possible Departure of Remaining Stars of the Arizona Coyotes

While the Arizona Coyotes do not have a ton of star power, they do have a good prospect pool thanks to their poor performances in past seasons. The young stars they have on their roster such as Clayton Keller, Jakob Chychrun, Nick Schmaltz, Conor Geekie, and Dylan Guenther could end up leaving the team for brighter pastures, and somewhere where they could find some success. While these players are strong individuals and have a bright playing career ahead of them, it is entirely possible that spending too much time with the Coyotes could dim that outlook.

The upside for the Coyotes is that after the Maple Leafs trade of Nick Ritchie to the team for Ilya Lybushkin the team has gained a bit of an outlook for hidden gems that begin to work effectively once removed from the team. This could help the team to build forward while getting rid of some of the pieces in their roster that aren"t working for them while being able to add pieces that could hopefully turn around the awful form of the team.

NHL Season Preview: Could the Coyotes Relocate?

With how bad the Arizona Coyotes have been performing, the rumors and jokes of relocation happen more and more often. As such, through the speculation of where the team could move, it was found that there are at least six cities that deserve an NHL franchise currently that the Arizona Coyotes could move to if the organization decides to try a complete rebrand to get out of the negative spiral that they are currently in. While many fans of the NHL wish that a team would come back to Quebec City, there are plenty of places that the Coyotes could move to that have the infrastructure already in place for a fan base to move into, rather than the 5,000 seats available with the organization"s current situation. If the team should continue to struggle the recommendation for relocation becomes more and more serious, as the fan base supporting the team continues to shrink.

NHL Season Preview: Coyotes" Expected Performance

No one expects anything but failure from the Coyotes this season, and are predicted to have the best chances of landing the first overall pick of the 2023 NHL entry draft. The team has been in a battle for last place since the early 2000s, with few seasons actually resulting in the team making it into the Stanley Cup Playoffs and this season seems to be the same. For the Coyotes to make the playoffs it would take a huge change of form from last season, despite having made almost no moves in the off-season to bolster their roster.

While Coyotes fans cannot expect to be in a Stanley Cup race this year, the race they may want to stay tuned into is the race to get their hands on Connor Bedard. It could be interesting to watch this team try to go through a rebuild and the possibility of finally completing it within the foreseeable future.

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