Week 3 Quarterback Power Rankings

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Let’s start off by saying that in week three, recent NFL draft pick busts have been climbing the ranks. Jalen Hurts had another great week, as did Trevor Lawerence. But some stars struggled: Mac Jones and (sort-of) Tua Tagovailoa. Some big-name veterans have been consistently underperforming this season. Our usual stats aside, young or old quarterbacks have to lead their team downfield, and to the endzone for the win.

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Week 3 Quarterback Power Rankings

QuarterbacksWeek 3Last Week
32. Justin Fields3232
31. Jimmy Garoppolo3131
30. Jacoby Brissett3030
29. Ryan Tannehill2929(Tied)
28. Jamies Winston28 29(Tied)
27. Marcus Mariota2727
26. Mitchell Trubisky2624
25. Daniel Jones2525
24. Cooper Rush2426
23. Davis Mills2323
22. Geno Smith2222
21. Baker Mayfield2121
20. Jared Goff 2018
19. Joe Flacco1915
18. Russell Wilson1816
17. Matthew Stafford1712
16. Mac Jones1622
15. Kirk Cousins1517
14. Matt Ryan 1427
13. Carson Wentz1319
12. Justin Herbert125
11. Derek Carr1111
10. Kyler Murray1013
9. Jalen Hurts9 16
8. Joe Burrow99
7. Tom Brady84
6. Trevor Lawrence710
5. Tua Tagovailoa66
4. Aaron Rodgers43
3. Patrick Mahomes 32
2. Lamar Jackson27
1. Josh Allen11
N/A Trey Lance
N/A Dak Prescott

Biggest Quarterback Power Rankings Movers

Biggest Mover UP:

Matt Ryan, Fired UP

Matt Ryan surprised us with a delightful performance this last week. Ryan Hooked up with Michael Pittman Jr. for a great game for the win over the heavily-favored Chiefs. Ryan ranked higher in the double digits simply because this proves that the Colts don’t need to rely on Johnathan Taylor to solely run the offense. The stat line doesn’t show how good Ryan was–he gets the biggest mover of the week.

Biggest Mover DOWN:

Russell Wilson, Down the Rabbit Hole

In terms of rankings, he keeps slipping further and further down the rabbit hole. Ever since his hot start in week one, he hasn’t topped 230 yards since. Wilson right now is relying on Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon in what was supposed to be a revamped Broncos offense, as well as leaning on the Broncos’ defense. Wilson has been repeating “Broncos Country”, yet he keeps letting the “Country” down these last two weeks. It’s time Wilson showed his Seattle self, and not his Bronco self.


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