Ryan Garcia on the (Social Media) Attack

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Junior welterweight contender Ryan “King Ry” Garcia has been quite active recently. Not in the ring, though. His last bout, a sixth-round KO over Javier Fortuna, was in July. No, the 24-year-old talent has been active and talking up a storm on social media, where he’s quite the hit.

In assessing lightweight star Shakur Stevenson’s recent performance (a unanimous decision victory over Brazilian Olympic gold medalist Robson Conceicao), Garcia was hyper-critical.

“No, Shakur does not wash me. Stop it. He can’t even wash that other guy [Conceicao] that he fought, but he should have got him out of there. He definitely can’t wash me or whatever you were trying to say.

“He’s not knocking nobody out. The worst thing he can do is jab you to death, I guess. Don’t talk about wash. I don’t know if that meant knocked out. Stop lying to yourself.”

He then countered with another attack after Stevenson responded unfavorably to his words.

“Someone tell me why Stevenson gets so emotional… guess truth hurts at times. The best part of your last fight was when the final bell rang bc it woke me up.

“He got majority of boxing experts saying he the greatest since Floyd yet is still insecure. Once he hears something negative he defends himself shut your insecure a** up!!! Be more impressive we got better things to do on a Friday and I couldn’t get that time back!!”

Then, the 24-year-old contender took aim at a favorite target of his, Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

“Everyone knows Im coming for tank. So just wait on that, he knows it too. We all know it.”

Then, in an Instagram live feed, Garcia talked about a recent confrontation he had with Davis at a club.

“You know it’s funny guys, I actually did see Tank in the club…He’s a tough guy, he’s a tough guy.

“He was very low key in his hoodie…and I went up to his table…and [I] said ‘Yo are we going to make this fight happen?’ and I guess he got offended by that, got all worked up and I was like ‘Yo, what you going on about, man? ‘[I said] Ain’t no respect here?’ and then he responds with ‘Nah, there ain’t no respect here’.”

According to Garcia, things then got physical.

“He grabbed my chain,” Garcia said, “but I wasn’t worried about it…Outside the ring, you can act tough all you want…Inside the ring, it all changes…I’m not with the acting tough. I’m tough only when I need to be. I don’t need to flaunt that.”

Davis responded to Garcia’s version of events, pointing out why the incident didn’t get any heavier than some nasty words and a little grabbing of Garcia’s chain.

“[Adviser] Al [Haymon] told me to leave him be because he went crying to his lawyer,’ Davis said via Twitter, later making it clear that Haymon’s advice was given awhile ago and that he wasn’t at the club at the time of the altercation.

Stevenson also jumped back into the fray, taking a few social media swipes back at Garcia.

“Ryan just be talking. Don’t worry about him. Nobody pays him no mind. He got a bunch of Instagram followers, but he can’t fight. The real talent always prevails,” he said via social media.

“Ryan chin suspect tell him shut up he just a walking come up…Everybody and they mommas in line to cash a check for f**king him up…he sweet fr.”


Now, if these tough words and bitter online social media beefs could just find their way into a boxing ring.

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