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Invicta Champion Jillian DeCoursey Overcomes Underdog Status

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Jillian DeCoursey is bringing the Invicta FC Atomweight Championship home to Long Island after many years with the company. She made her pro debut with Invicta back in 2017.

Jillian DeCoursey entered the Invicta FC 49 cage as an underdog and seemed to be counted out as early as the fight was signed. She may have travelled to Oklahoma an underdog, but she left as a world champion. The self-confidence was there from the beginning for Jillian. The mantra “I Can” became a staple for not just her, but also the fans who showed their love for her leading up to the fight. Anyone who connected with the phrase joined Jillian as she embarked on a journey that led to her main event bout with the now former atomweight champ, Jessica Delboni. 

Jillian DeCoursey embraced those words and by believing in herself and having the tools to get the job done, she became immortalized in the ranks of Invicta FC as one of their atomweight champions. 

The Sport of Mixed Martial Arts is Beautiful

Mixed martial arts can be a beautiful sport, especially when you see an underdog fighter rise up and become champion. Jillian DeCoursey winning the Invicta FC atomweight championship was something that really does go deeper than wins and losses. Jillian winning was truly the definition of what mixed martial arts is about, and words cannot or will not ever be able to describe the inspirational feeling that her fans got on September 28, 2022.

Some might look at Jillian’s belt as simply just another MMA win inside a cage, but it gave off a vibe and feeling that was so much more. In the crazy world we live in now-a-days, it is so refreshing to see someone not only achieve their dreams but to have such an inspirational message along the way. It is truly what makes this sport great. This win should be showcased time and time again on what hard work and believing in yourself will get you. You may have some ups and downs and that is life, but it will pay off if you truly believe and work to achieve your dreams.

Jillian DeCoursey with an Impressive Finish

It was impressive to watch Jillian DeCoursey remain calm as Delboni pressed her up against the cage in search of a take down. When the fight went to the ground, Jillian got an amazing position by gaining full mount. Jessica Delboni was in panic mode, which is when she gave up her back, and it was a race against the clock. With the pressure Jillian had locked in, Delboni was forced to tap in the first round. It was a very impressive way to capture championship gold.

Rematch in the Cards?

After the fight, Jessica Delboni asked for the microphone and respectfully asked for a rematch with DeCoursey. Ultimately the decision for a rematch will be up to Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp and the matchmakers. Maybe Jessica Delboni and Alesha Zappitella could run it back for a trilogy fight, as both ladies are tied at one win apiece and this would make a clear contender for DeCoursey. You do have to give props to Delboni to hop on the mic and ask for the rematch. 

The main event at Invicta FC 49 was such a one-sided win that Jessica Delboni might need to earn her way back to a rematch with current champion Jillian DeCoursey.

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