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5 Reasons Why Real Madrid Are in Love With Fede Valverde

Amongst Madridistas, he is likened to a Rolls Royce–known for its very efficient engine. However, when the conversation is efficiency, only a few come close to Valverde.

5 Reasons Fede Valverde is Real Madrid’s New Galactico

1. A Work Rate Like No Other

He never stops running. He never stops working. It doesn’t matter what position on the pitch he occupies, Fede Valverde cannot be outworked.

Valverde is a relentless machine with incredible stamina. He is a no-nonsense, tireless machine.
But what stands out about this player is not just his energy, though that is one undeniable side of his phenomenal skill set. His tactical understanding of the game is also incredible.

2. Slides Into Any Position

His ability to shapeshift and easily occupy any position on the pitch is why he is every manager’s dream. He is the core of the next set of Real Madrid’s Galacticos.

Real Madrid plays a 4-3-2 formation with Valverde given the free will to do whatever he likes on the pitch. He is Real Madrid’s fifth defender, fourth midfielder and third attacker. He fills in like some hybrid right winger contributing to the team’s attacking play and taking some defensive responsibility off Dani Carvajal. In the Champions League Final, he did a fantastic job of keeping Andy Robertson quiet while also providing the pass for the winning Vinicius goal.

He is everywhere. He starts off attacking play from the right flank. He can slot into the centre to help win midfield battles and increase the numerical advantage.

He drops back into the defence on the right side to support Dani Carvajal.

He is not a box-to-box midfielder, but rather a box-to-box player. He has an eye on everything on the pitch. Valverde has the remarkable ability to cover multiple areas, occupy various roles, and perform excellently. He doesn’t just slot into those positions and does a job–he acts like it is his natural position.

His ability to shapeshift and easily occupy any position on the pitch is why he is every manager’s dream. He is the core of the next set of Real Madrid’s Galacticos.

3. He Has High-Level Tactical Understanding

He can be the guy providing the killer pass as he did in the UEFA champions league final against Liverpool.

He can also be the guy making last-ditch tactical fouls as he did in the Supercopa de Espana against Atletico Madrid. He can finish off well-working attacking moves as he did in the Supercopa semi-final win against Barcelona.

4. His Analytics Speaks for Itself

This season, He has created eighteen chances, the most of any player in the team. He also has the total ball distance carries. In addition, he has the Second most total progressive carries.

His work rate on every part of the pitch sets him apart from other players and gives this real Madrid team the advantage.

Looking at his Sofascore Heat Map for the 2019/20 La Liga season shows that he was involved in every part of the midfield.

5. Shows Leadership

Despite all these remarkable qualities, what strikes this writer the most about Fede Valverde is how this player is willing to take the bull by the horn and provide those moments of brilliance to inspire the team. Leadership — it’s what his teammates need from him.

It may be the foul on Morata in the Super Copa de Espana that Real went on to win or the shot cross that found Vinicius Junior in the Champions League final. Or even his brilliant pass to find Vinicius Junior against Celtic in this season’s Champions League opener. When they need him, he’s there.

On different occasions, Fede Valverde takes matters into his own hands. However, he provides moments of quality to inspire the team to victory. His goal against Mallorca highlights this point accurately.


Fede Valverde is a superstar. A diamond. What Real Madrid have on their hands is a player with unquantifiable quality that gives the team the best chance of winning football matches and trophies. Fede Valverde is the focal point and the core of the next set of Real Madrid Galacticos.

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