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Phil Maton, David Robertson and The Silliest MLB Injury List

With the start of the second round of the MLB postseason, qualified teams had to announce their rosters for the round ahead of their games. Some teams saw a few surprises as the Dodgers’ roster left Craig Kimbrel at home while the Yankees’ roster listed DJ LeMahieu and Scott Effross on the newest MLB injury list. However, not all MLB injuries are the same and some happen in more comical ways, like the Astros’ Phil Maton who punched a locker or the Phillies’ David Robertson who hurt his leg celebrating a home run. This, is the Silliest MLB Injury List.

The Punchers of Inanimate Objects

At one point during his career, Kevin Brown was one of the best pitchers in baseball. From making 6 All-Star games, to throwing a no-hitter, leading the National League in wins and winning the 1997 World Series, Brown had developed a reputation for being a big game pitcher with a fiery personality. By 2004, his career was winding down when he joined the New York Yankees looking to avenge losing the 2003 World Series.

As a Yankee, Brown was fine for most of the season but made himself known after one particularly rough outing against Baltimore. In a show of frustration, Brown took his anger out on a clubhouse wall injuring his hand.

Flash forward to this year, with Astros" reliever Phil Maton doing his best to one-up Brown. In a meaningless game for Houston late in the season, Phil Maton lasted only 4 batters, hitting one, letting up a pair of hits and a run. Notably, Phil Maton gave up a hit to his brother Nick Maton, that apparently left him so frustrated he too decided to punch a clubhouse wall.

As a result, Phil Maton now has a home on the Silliest MLB Injury list as he watches his teammates try and win a World Series.

The Home Run Celebrators

There is nothing worse than joining the MLB injury list due to a home run celebration gone wrong, just ask former Angel Kendrys Morales. Back in 2010, Morales was coming off a great season and looked to be the next slugger in the middle of the Angels" lineup. With the game tied at 1 in the bottom of the 10th, Morales stepped to the plate and clobbered a Walk-Off in grand style.

Sadly for Morales, he awkwardly tried to jump on home plate and ended up fracturing his leg.

This season, Morales was joined on this MLB Injury list when David Robertson of the Phillies. While Morales at least hit the walk-off, David Robertson hurt himself on a home run…in the second inning. Sure it was a playoff game, but David Robertson has to be smarter in that situation.


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The Pesky Dugout Railing

This year, in a particularly testy game between the Angels and the Mariners, a fight broke out after the teams traded hit by pitches over a couple of days. Now you"re likely thinking, getting hurt defending your teammates is nothing to be ashamed of, and you would be correct…most of the time.

However, Archie Bradley proved to be the exception to this rule. In an attempt to rush to his teammates aid, the Angels reliever decided the steps would take too long and decided to do his best hockey impression and jump over the dugout railing. While getting to the top of the wall was a resounding success, Bradley learned Isaac Newton"s Law of Gravity the hard way.

As Newton famously stated, what goes up must come down, and unfortunately in this case, it was Bradley who came down awkwardly landing on the Silliest MLB Injury with a broken elbow.

The Worst Kind of Spider-Man

During the 1990s, Glenallen Hill was a very consistent role-player on multiple MLB teams. However, it was in his second season as a pro when the former Toronto Blue Jay earned his spot on the Silliest MLB Injury list.

Sadly for Hill, over his life he had developed a terrible fear of spiders. One night, a particularly terrifying, spider-filled dream haunted the outfielder causing him to jump out of his bed and crash through a glass table.

Eventually, things would look up for the arachnophobic winning a World Series as a member of the New York Yankees in 2000.

An Alleged Ironing Out of Wrinkles

The final addition to this list of the Silliest MLB Injury may or may not have happened. Throughout the 1990s, John Smoltz had established himself as one of the most versatile pitchers in baseball working as both a starter and a closer mainly for the Atlanta Braves.

As the story goes, one day John Smoltz noticed that his shirt had a few more wrinkles than he would have liked. Apparently, he grabbed an iron or a steamer and without removing placed the hot household appliance on his body, resulting in some minor burns.

Smoltz has come out claiming that the story never happened and it was misconstrued by a Braves beat writer saying “that is the most false thing I"ve ever heard" which is exactly what someone would say who burned himself while ironing his shirt.

Let us know your favorite Silliest MLB Injury in the comments below and we might include them in the next version!

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