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Top 7 Drivers of the 2022 Formula 1 Season

For the results of this year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix, we’ve put a subjective list of drivers following last year’s racers, and now we’re giving a little preliminary summary according to this overall season. As it is said we need to know our heroes by sight, so we would like to share with you the top Formula 1 drivers according to our opinion up to now.

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With that in mind, only a select few get to rise to the top and race in Formula 1 or other racing circuits around the world. Let"s take a closer look at the best racers.

Esteban Ocon

For Esteban Ocon, the 2022 season has been going quite smoothly, however without much success compared to last year"s victory at the competitions in Hungary. Speaking about Ocon"s achievements, we can mark his races in Spain and Austria. In Barcelona, Esteban finished in seventh place, and in Spielberg, he was fifth. This can be enough to make Esteban the team leader and assist him to occupy the leading position next season as well.

Sergio Perez

Checo started the season quite well. He won his first pole in Jeddah and would have almost won the race if not for a crash, but he did come out on top in the Monaco Grand Prix. After a series of failures and mistakes in the competition, Sergio has shifted from the leadership position but still has every chance to fight for the vice-champion title.

Fernando Alonso

During the Hungarian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso celebrated his 41st birthday. His age does not seem to be an obstacle at all, as he is still in great shape and shows excellent results. Sitting 10th place in the championship is a confirmation of this. Though Fernando"s car lacked speed, it didn"t stop him from showing great results.

Lando Norris

Over the past 13 races, the Briton has only failed three times to score maximum points. In the other races Lando has been excellent at his maximum. While the 2022 season has been going great for Lando, Norris cemented his team leader status.

Lewis Hamilton

For Mercedes, the changeover of the regulations was a serious problem, thereby affecting Lewis Hamilton. The ex-champion at first yielded in qualifying to George Russell, and after the race in Baku, hardly left the cockpit because of the trauma. But after the Canadian Grand Prix, everything changed. Hamilton won the championship and then finished in the top-3 position for another four times in a row. Although the Briton has excelled, he still makes enough mistakes to keep him from scoring the maximum number of points.

Charles Leclair

This year, for the first time in his career, Leclair got a chance to fight for the main title. During the race, Charles Leclair managed to perform brilliantly, overtaking his rivals in every race. He failed to do this a few times because of an unexpected pit stop by Max Verstappen. In the remaining races of the season, Leclair has established himself admirably. Leclair started the second half of the season with a gap of 80 points from Verstappen. If he can stop making these mistakes, there will be a chance to become a champion.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen spent the first half of the season at his best. During the first races, the Dutch motorist was not always able to quickly get along with the car, but then he made a difference. Currently, there is no technical advantage on the side of Verstappen both in Hungary and in France Leclerc on the net speed ahead of the Dutchman. The championship is not yet over, but if Max keeps performing in the same spirit as now, Charles will have no chance.

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