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NFL Quarterback Power Rankings Heading Into Week 6

This week proved once again, that offseason acquisitions don’t automatically result in wins. The Broncos have learned this lesson again and again this season that perhaps the deal for Russell Wilson maybe isn’t worth the price that they paid. Or the coach isn’t the right fit; injury-riddled running backs; a bad offensive line–the possibilities are endless. The problem is not Jeudy or Sutton, it’s Wilson. it’s clearly Wilson and it’s the play-calling, the Broncos are in a rough place right now.

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Quarterback Power Rankings Heading Into Week 6

Quarterbacks Week 5 Last Week
Justin Fields 30 N/A
Joe Flacco 29 19
Skyler Thompson 28 N/A
Baker Mayfield 27 21
Kenny Pickett 26 32
Andy Dalton 25 26
Cooper Rush 24 22
Matt Ryan 23 18
Ryan Tannehill 22 N/A
Marcus Mariota 21 30
Daniel Jones 20 27
Davis Mills 19 23
Jared Goff 18 7
Russell Wilson 17 11
Jacoby Brissett 16 24
Jimmy Garoppolo 15 29
Carson Wentz 14 16 (No change)
Matthew Stafford 13 17
Kyler Murray 12 10
Lamar Jackson 11 9
Derek Carr 10 13
Geno Smith 9 12
Kirk Cousins 8 15
Joe Burrow 7 6
Jalen Hurts 6 8
Aaron Rodgers 5 5
Justin Herbert 4 3
Tom Brady 3 4
Patrick Mahomes 2 2
Josh Allen 1 1

Biggest Mover UP

Geno Smith has been POPPING OFF

Geno in the last 3 games has thrown for 7 touchdowns, 913 yards, quarterback rating above 50%, and has only thrown for 1 interception. Geno can lead the Seahawks surprisingly, very surprisingly, i still am amazed GENO SMITH is doing this well. We"ll see if he can keep up this production against the Cardinals.

Biggest Mover DOWN

Russell Wilson DOWN A CLIFF

Wilson and the Broncos faced off against the Colts this last Thursday night. This was perhaps, the worst game I"ve ever seen, the most boring to watch. Football is supposed to be excited, thrilling to watch, and this was the opposite. Wilson had a quarterback rating of 16.0, 2 interceptions, and 0 touchdowns. Wilson (so far) has failed the Broncos. The most entertaining thing was the post game analyst from former teammate Richard Sherman who tore into Wilson. To put everything plainly, “He has just SUCKED."

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