What Exactly Has Happened to the LA Rams?

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The Los Angeles Rams winning ways have been under siege as the Sunday loss against the Dallas Cowboys was their second consecutive L. The score was 22-10 and that marked the fourth game in which the Rams were held to 12 points or less.

The Trend is Disturbing for a Team That Was in The Top 10 in 2021

Back in 2021, the Rams were in the top 10 in total yards and scoring per game. All of that changed this season as the team is currently in the bottom 6 in the aforementioned categories. Some fans and experts speculated that the problem may be related to injuries, however, there might be more to the case.

Both Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford have had less consistency in the offense. That was shown in the game against the Cowboys as Stafford completed 28 of 42 passes. To add to that, the team has had quite a rough period. Odell Beckham Jr., Andrew Whitworth, and Robert Woods are out. This is not something that fans would expect from a Super Bowl winner, but that’s the reality that the club is facing.

Sean McVay shared a few words on the Rams’ state after the loss against the Cowboys. He said that the team has to be “able to figure it out.” Stafford alone was sacked 5 times against the Cowboys on Sunday and was constantly under pressure.

This particular situation represented the Rams’ struggles in the offensive line this season. McVay acknowledged the fact that the current form is not good enough and the struggle is not “exclusive to one player, one position.”

Joe Noteboom Is Still Developing But May Face Long Time Out

Left tackle Joe Noteboom was among the major investments of the Rams in the preseason and the expectations for him were high. After his efforts impressed McVay, many sports fans were confident that the Rams will get him.

In fact, they were so convinced about this particular player that they started betting on him to join the Rams. One of the sportsbooks that were open to accepting bets on whether Noteboom will become a Rams player was BetMGM. The sportsbook is offering decent prices on a lot of Rams games, including player props and Futures bets on what the Rams will do for the rest of the season. BetMGM is now available in all these states, giving plenty of fans the chance to wager their opinion.

Those that wagered were able to cash out. Noteboom signed a three-year deal worth $40 million with a belief that he will definitely make a change. Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite the case as the team is currently not happy with his current growth.

McVay confirmed this as he said that Noteboom is currently in a development stage, but the Rams want to see the growth and maturation happen “a little bit more quickly.” The good thing, however, according to McVay is that everyone has been able to see his positives.

However, those positives could quickly turn into negatives if the worst fears are confirmed following the Rams’ victory over the Panthers. Noteboom was carted off the field and following the game McVay said it “might be an Achilles”. The problems on the offensive line were already severe and could about to get a whole lot worse.

Pressure keeps piling up on the Rams as the Super Bowl champions need to prove that they have the caliber and should be mentioned when talking about the best teams in the NFL.

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