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NFL Quarterback Power Rankings Heading Into Week 7

It’s a weird day in fantasy football when Geno Smith outscores Justin Herbert. That’s what we’re seeing early in this 2022 NFL season. The quarterback power rankings from last week showed the tumultuous nature of starting quarterbacks this season. This week’s version is no different.

Consider Geno Smith, who didn"t exactly have a stellar game, still threw for 197 yards with a 64.5% completion percentage. He had no touchdowns or interceptions, and was sacked 5 times. He finished the week with a quarterback rating of 40.4.

Compare that to Justin Herbert. He had 238 yards in the air and 64.9% completion percentage. With 1 interception, 2 sacks, he finished with a quarterback rating of 49.5.

Yet, on ESPN"s fantasy football PPR scoring, Herbert had 8.42 and Geno had 12.68. With that acknowledged craziness, here"s some QBs who we can hopefully agree that they did better than 8.42 points.

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NFL QB Power Rankings for Week 7

Quarterbacks Week 6 Last Week
Baker Mayfield 30 N/A
Joe Flacco 29 19
Skyler Thompson 28 N/A
Justin Fields 27 30
Kenny Pickett 26 32
Andy Dalton 25 26
Cooper Rush 24 22
Matt Ryan 23 18
Ryan Tannehill 22 N/A
Marcus Mariota 21 30
Daniel Jones 20 27
Davis Mills 19 23
Jared Goff 18 7
Russell Wilson 17 11
Jacoby Brissett 16 24
Jimmy Garoppolo 15 29
Carson Wentz 14 16 (No change)
Matthew Stafford 13 17
Kyler Murray 12 10
Lamar Jackson 11 9
Derek Carr 10 13
Geno Smith 9 12
Kirk Cousins 8 15
Joe Burrow 7 6
Jalen Hurts 6 8
Aaron Rodgers 5 5
Justin Herbert 4 3
Tom Brady 3 4
Patrick Mahomes 2 2
Josh Allen 1 1

This Week"s Biggest Power Rankings Movers

Biggest Mover Up

Matt Ryan Bouncing Around

I didn"t put Matt Ryan any higher up on the list because he"s been as consistent as a bad internet connection. Ryan has gone through stretches of throwing for 389 yards and 3 touchdowns (this week) but then he goes to weeks with 195 yards and 3 interceptions. I don"t know where to rank Ryan because when he"s ranked highly he does well, but when he"s ranked low, he booms. There"s an old expression that fits this situation: “When your car has a problem you take it to a mechanic, but when you get there it"s running fine.

I mean, check out the top quarterbacks by passing yards here, which only highlights the inconsistency:

Biggest Mover Down

Russell Wilson Plunging Down

I"ve trashed on Wilson last week because he didn"t play well–simple as that. This week he did a bit better, but the Broncos still lost. Wilson is still looking lost, still not the NFL quarterback we were used to in Seattle. At this point in the season, the Broncos should consider moving him. The team is 3rd in the division with only 2 wins, with the Raiders creeping up beside them. With a whopping $245 million for five years, of course keeping him is the likeliest solution, but who needs to be added to start to turn this around for their offense? Broncos country, what say you?

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