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NFL Quarterback Power Rankings Leading Into Week 8

As we look at this week’s NFL QB Power Rankings, the majority of this week’s games weren’t necessarily close; check these score lines: 35-17, 33-14, and 44-23. But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t good football! The best QB’s in the NFL were proving why they were the best.

Did you see the game that Andy Dalton had? Did you see what Lamar Jackson did? Those are actual head-turners. Let’s dive into who had a “WOW” game and who had a “BLEH” one. Here are some names with some numbers next to them.

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NFL QB Power Rankings Heading Into Week 8

Quarterbacks Week 7 Last Week
Brett Rypien 28 N/A
Bailey Zappe 27 N/A
Zach Wilson 26 N/A
Justin Fields 25 32
Ryan Tannehill 24 22
Marcus Mariota 23 21
Kenny Pickett 22 N/A
Taylor Heinke 21 N/A
PJ Walker 20 N/A
Jared Goff 19 18
Geno Smith 18 9
Matt Ryan 17 23
Daniel Jones 16 20
Jacoby Brissett 15 24
Lamar Jackson 14 11
Dak Prescott 13 N/A
Kyler Murray 12 12
Derek Carr 11 13
Andy Dalton 10 25
Tua Tagovailoa 9 N/A
Davis Mills 8 19
Jimmy Garoppolo 7 15
Justin Herbert 6 4
Tom Brady 5 3
Aaron Rodgers 4 5
Trevor Lawrence 3 N/A
Patrick Mahomes 2 2
Josh Allen 1 1

Biggest Mover UP:

Davis Mills Be BOOMING

This last game saw Mills go off for 302 yards, 68.3% completion percentage, 2 touchdowns, and a quarterback rating of 68.1 (his highest of the season). If Mills can keep this going, with Pierce in the backfield, and Brandin Cooks at the wide receiver spot, Mills can develop further into a franchise-like QB.

Biggest Mover DOWN:

Lamar Jackson TUMBLING

This last week was rough for Jackson–very rough indeed. He threw for only 120 yards, 56% completion percentage, and had a quarterback rating of 47.0 Somehow the Ravens still won this game thanks in part to Gus Edwards. Lamar Jackson is one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, but this last week, “Truzz” was bailed out by Gus Edwards.

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