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MLB Awards: National League Gold Glove Snubs

The MLB awards are always a talked about topic during the end of the MLB season.  Especially, during the playoffs, it gives baseball fans something to read about during the playoff drama. There are a lot of awards to go around but today the Gold Glove awards were announced for both leagues. The award goes to the best defensive player at each position. However, an argument can be made that not all winners were the most deserving candidate. These are the biggest Gold Glove snubs for the 2022 MLB awards season.

In the National League, there were some players that were undoubtedly Gold Glove winners like Mookie Betts in right field and Dansby Swanson at shortstop. Both traditional and advanced metrics rate these players as some of the best defenders not only at their respected positions, but in all of baseball.

However, some winners, and is some cases even Gold Glove nominees, weren"t as deserving. In the American League, Orioles defense wizard Jorge Mateo wasn"t even nominated for a Gold Glove. Meanwhile, the National League had a few Gold Glove snubs. This year there were a few players that were more deserving because of their defense presence on their team.

Gold Glove Snub: Paul Goldschmidt Over Christian Walker

Paul Goldschmidt has been one of the best defensive first basemen over his tenure in his major league career. This year Goldschmidt lead the league in many defensive categories including fielding percentage, and range factor per game, and was second in range factor per nine innings.

Goldschmidt only had one error compared to Christian Walker’s five. He also had 90 assists compared to Walker’s 78. Goldschmidt had more of an impact on the Cardinals team because he was able to help his team get to the postseason compared to Christian Walker.

Gold Glove Snub: Ke’Bryan Hayes Over Nolan Arenado

Ke’Bryan Hayes had one of the best statistical third basemen in the National League. Hayes led all third baseman in the national league in defensive runs saved with 24 compared to Nolan Arenado’s 19. Hayes was also fifth in the major leagues in putouts, first in assists, and fourth overall in double plays turned. Out of those three categories, the only one that Arenado was better than Hayes at was double plays turning six more.

Hayes had a better fielding percentage at third base as well with a 97.2% fielding percentage compared to Arenado’s 96.8 field percentage. Overall, Ke’Bryan Hayes had a better statistical season than Nolan Arenado at third base this season and deserved the National League gold glove award.  

Gold Glove Snub: Jurickson Profar Over Ian Happ

Jurickson Profar this year played an excellent left field and helped the Padres go on a great playoff run. Out of all the snubs, this might be the hardest one to argue. Both left-fielders had great defensive seasons, but Profar statistically had a better season and more of an impact. Ian Happ also had a good season, but Profar put up more impactful stats. While the Cubs left fielder lead the league in putouts. Profar came in second.

However, Profar had more assists, a higher fielding percentage, and more innings overall. Happ also had more defensive runs saved, but overall Profar had more of an impact on the Padres over Happ during the 2022 season.

Let us know who you think was a Gold Glove snub this MLB awards season in the comments below!

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