De La Hoya Rips Fans As “Losers” and “Idiots” in Twitter Diatribe

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Golden Boy promoter and former six-division world champion Oscar De La Hoya took to Twitter on Wednesday in support of Terence Crawford’s side of the story regarding the collapse of Crawford-Errol Spence negotiations.

The 49-year-old boxing personality has a long history of conflict and animosity with advisor Al Haymon, who represents Spence and runs the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) company. De La Hoya had even filed a lawsuit against Haymon in the not-too-distant past.

In his most recent social media diatribe, De La Hoya lashed out more at fans and social media doubters than the boxing businessman against whom he has so much bad blood.

Here’s a record of the comments made by the promoter, aimed at fans he deemed “casuals” and worse, typos and all (and some side swipes at Haymon):

“My respects to @terencecrawford and exposing the Al Hamon circus. I’ve been dealing with this sh*t for years, I promoted ‘all’ the PBC fighters and its all the same bullsh*t with them, they are not in charge. I’ll be going live soon to elaborate and expose the truth.

“I didn’t talk before because I try and be a professional but I now know I’m dealing with a bunch of losers and casuals that don’t know shot about the business of boxing.

“Suck a bullsh*t answer, there’s so much more to it that goes behind killing a fight that casuals do not get.

“Don’t you f*cken get it. Al Hamon is the Cancer here. When I promoted Broner, Spence, Leo, Deonty, Thurman etc etc they were relevant and I had a plan for the to become stars, now they are just fighting 1 time a year if that. Wake up you idiots.

“What do you mean bitter? Don’t you a**holes wanna see the fights happen? I guess you don’t know sh*t about boxing you casual f*ck

“F*ck the casuals I’m speaking my voice and standing up for the truth and the fighters

“Why would an ex fighter get in the way of fights? I’ve made 800 million in my career do you think I need the money?

“That’s a bullsh*t answer. I’m a very successful business man. Do you think if I had a f*cken problem I would still be on top after 30 years? Sit down and earn your 8 dollars an hour.

“I’m actually working on a big project that will expose everyone in boxing who is up to no good.

“They have 0 prospects because they do not know how to build. When Al and other people stole all the fighters I built, what did I do? I started from scratch again and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

“I’m coming hard with no filter and exposing all the casuals.”

Well, if there’s ever a way to NOT make your point to the masses, it would involve calling them idiots and losers and mocking them for being low-wage earners. The word “casuals” is also a loaded term in boxing, used derisively to mock fans who don’t really know anything about what they’re watching and consuming.

The ex-fighter’s beef with Haymon is understandable since many of Golden Boy’s top fighters, who were never actually signed to promotional deals by the promotional company, picked up and left for Haymon’s PBC project in late 2014/early 2015. In one fell swoop, the promotional company founded by De La Hoya lost many of its top stars, including Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Deontay Wilder, and Adrien Broner (among others). Errol Spence was also among the group that left Golden Boy for the perceived greener pastures of PBC.

Spence, himself, would respond to De La Hoya’s diatribe, repeating the well-known claim that De La Hoya is just a figurehead in his own company and that other executives are actually the ones running Golden Boy Promotions. He also blasted the promoter for his inability/unwillingness to promote African American fighters, using the example of welterweight Rashidi Ellis who recently left Golden Boy for PBC.

“@OscarDeLaHoya & you didn’t sh*t about me or the other young guys coming up you f*cked up introducing us every-time you was just the face!” Spence wrote via Twitter.

“@OscarDeLaHoya talking about exposing somebody rashidi left cause he know how you handle black fighters.

“@OscarDeLaHoya rob Diaz & Eric Gomez really run golden boy promotions …facts.”

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