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MLB Awards: AL Gold Glove Snubs

Award season is one of the most exciting times in any sport, especially in baseball with the number of awards that will be given out. In the National League, there were some Gold Glove snubs, so now we will look at some of the snubs in the American League. The Gold Glove awards were announced on Tuesday night, allowing fans to debate who the best defensive players in Major League Baseball are. In the American League, there are a lot of new faces winning the award. However, there are a few players that should feel snubbed after not receiving the award.

Aaron Judge Over Kyle Tucker

Aaron Judge had an all-around great season. Everyone knows what type of numbers he put up offensively with 62 home runs, 131 runs batted in, along with a .311 batting average. What many people forget however is how good defensively he is. There was a lot of frustration for Yankee fans after the huge emphasis on defense this season. Judge did his part by not committing an error in right field this year with 116 putouts on the season. It is hard to compare the two because Judge had to split his time in centerfield throughout the season. However, if he had played the same number of games as Kyle Tucker, he would have put up the same statistics as Tucker. Judge also had more of an impact in the outfield in general because his ability to play multiple positions in the outfield makes him more deserving of the gold glove award and more of the reason why he got snubbed.

Cedric Mullins Over Myles Straw

Cedric Mullins and Myles Straw both had fantastic seasons in the outfield this year. However, Mullins got snubbed by having a perfect field percentage with no errors and 367 putouts. With two fewer games started this year Mullins was able to impact the Orioles" defense to help them get to fight for a wild card position and deserves the recognition of being a gold glove award winner. He also had nine assists from the outfield compared to Straw’s two on the season. This stat shows that Mullins’s arm is a threat to take out runners on the base path. Overall, Mullins has had a more impactful season in centerfield than Myles Straw did throughout the season.

Jorge Mateo Over Jeremy Pena

Jeremy Pena is one of the brightest young stars in today"s game. However, this year Jorge Mateo got snubbed from the Gold Glove award. This year Mateo had a great fielding percentage at 97.2% with only 17 errors. Compared to Pena who had a percentage of 96.3% and 19 errors. Mateo dominated in assists and double plays this season as well. He has 417 assists and 91 double plays on the year that are impactful for any team. Pena also had good numbers which included 347 assists and 64 double plays. Mateo’s numbers in these categories are too good not to give him the Gold Glove award.

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Steve Cohen
328 days ago
The managers and coaches do the voting. So why would anyone get snubbed. You also make a ridiculous point by saying “if” Judge played more in right his #s would be better. He didn’t play the innings there so you can’t say if. That’s ridiculous.
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