Quarterback Rankings Heading Into Week 9

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With week 9 coming up there will 6 teams on a bye week, so we must venture on and rank the mighty QBs that will play. Good quarterbacks lost weirdly, it must have been because of the SPOOKY Halloween season. Burrow lost, Rodgers lost, Brady lost, BOO! Imagine if I would’ve told you before the season that Jacoby Brissett has more passing yards than Aaron Rodgers?

I lost my fantasy football matchup last week because I had Derek Carr, Davante Adams, and Josh Jacobs. But the Raiders couldn’t even manage to score a single point in the game (I also had Daniel Carlson). So this last week has truly been spooky for me, and for the Raiders. Let’s move on from the self-loathing fantasy football loss/Halloween season stuff and get to some rankings. Since lots of teams are on a bye week, there will be less to choose from. Here are some of the available quarterback names with some numbers next to them:

QuarterbacksWeek 8Last Week
Bailey Zappe2627
Malik Willis25N/A
Sam Ehlinger24N/A
PJ Walker2320
Derek Carr2211
Matthew Stafford 21N/A
Andy Dalton2010
Taylor Heinicke1921
Justin Fields 1825
Marcus Mariota 1723
Jared Goff1619
Zach Wilson1511
Davis Mills148
Kirk Cousins 13N/A
Justin Herbert126
Trevor Lawrence113
Geno Smith1018
Aaron Rodgers94
Tom Brady85
Kyler Murray712
Joe Burrow6N/A (I made a big mistake not ranking him not top 3 last two weeks)
Lamar Jackson514
Tua Tagovailoa49
Jalen Hurts 3N/A
Patrick Mahomes22
Josh Allen11

Biggest Climb Up:

Jalen Hurts going off!

In the last few weeks, Jalen Hurts going off! has been exceeding expectations immensely. His hot start to the season is now getting to a boiling point, he can blow up any defense with a snap of a finger. He has almost 1800 yards through the air, 10 touchdowns, only 2 interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 60.7 he’s led the Eagles to an undefeated record so far. He has been the best QB steal in recent memory. He is leading the sizzling Eagles offense, hot to the touch, and burn when you get close. So here’s a catchphrase that’ll get under some NFC east fan’s skins, FLY EAGLES FLY.

Biggest mover down:

Derek Carr don’t look at what’s up next.

I still have faith in the Raiders, I do, although I shouldn’t at this point. It’s like the Lakers, they build this superteam and it just doesn’t work. Why is this Raider team 2-5? Who knows? The curse of Jon Gruden’s past? This team can’t close out games this season. Carr has the weapons, I’ve said this before and I will again, he has Adams, Waller, Renfrow, & Jacobs! And somehow they still keep losing. At this point, Raider nation can just use their Derek Carr jerseys as paperweight this season. He HAS to turn it around, the ghost of Al Davis is turning and watching this team crumble on primetime TV.

Thoughts? Let us know!

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