Victor “The Constrictor” Aguirre Looks To Make It 2-0 at APFC!

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Announced via the APFC Instagram account, Victor Aguirre will be facing off against Ryan Light, November 18th. Aguirre is coming off a first round submission victory over Paul Oney, while Light is coming off a loss to Santiago Lopez. Aguirre last fought five months ago as he looks to stay undefeated, along with his brother, who is booked on the same card at APFC.

Looking Into Victor “The Constrictor” Aguirre

Five months ago Overtime Heroics did an interview with Victor Aguirre. The humble grappler talked about his love for Jujitsu and his future prospects . Aguirre was tasked with battling Paul “Jumbo Shrimp” Oney. The bout saw Oney taken to the ground early and not finding the get-ups needed to survive the relentless pace of Aguirre’s grappling, submitted late in the first to a rear naked choke. 

While Victor said he was unsure if he would pursue MMA within the interview, win or lose, he’s back for APFC under the promotion Anthony Pettis founded. He’s taking on a more experienced fighter in Ryan Light, so it does present a new challenge for the grappler. With five bouts under his name, and coming up from 135, Ryan Light is a gamer. He may have a poor record, but he shows up to fight, and that cannot be denied. 

The Path to Establish Yourself: Opportunity At APFC!

The Milwaukee promotion is a newer promotion headed by the very successful Anthony Pettis. There are many fighters who have a great opportunity to establish themselves within the MMA world, that would otherwise be much more challenging. It’s up to the fighters to make the most out of these opportunities. 

Both Aguirre brothers are prominently featured in the promotional material for this event, so the iron is hot. Victor winning his debut is a great start, and set him up for another priming opportunity. If nothing else, this is an interesting look into the development of a fletching MMA fighter.

Match Up at APFC!

Ryan Light has had problems with submissions in the past, four of his losses of come via holds. The fighter is looking for scrap, and should be aware of the grappling ability of his opponent. Aguirre on the other hand is a very well versed grappler. Competing in submission only, and also doing plenty of wrestling.

On paper, this is a rough match up for the man out of Iowa. No doubt Light will be looking to keep the fight standing, and try to out box the grappler from the upstate. Light has shown improvement, and does have more time in the cage, but Victor looked right at home in his bout with Oney. It will be fun to see who shows out, come fight night at APFC.

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Implications For Aguirre at APFC

There are two factors at play with this bout. One being Aguirre’s fighting at 145, his last bout was at a catch weight of 150. In his interview with Overtime, he talked about not having a massive weight cut for his first fight, now with more experience it will be interesting to see how 145 treats the grappler. The next factor is a different sized opponent. Light will surely give Victor a different look from Oney.

While Victor may be 1-0 in MMA he has loads of experience within other combat sports. It’s hard to see Aguirre losing this fight, but he is surely not thinking that way. Overall getting booked on a promotion like APFC is a great opportunity, and November 18th Victor Aguirre has his chance to capitalize. 

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