Manny Pacquiao vs. DK Yoo is going to be a mess– for a good cause

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Manny Pacquiao, legend, master boxer, and retired multi-division world champ, is slotted to face a non-boxer who kind of stinks at boxing in an exhibition bout this Saturday night at Seoul Arena in Seoul, South Korea. That probably means fight fans won’t be getting a classic if/when they hit the “BUY” button.

Pacquiao’s opponent, Yoo, is a popular South Korean YouTuber whose channel currently boasts 654K subscribers but whose videos sometimes get millions of views. If you go to his YouTube channel, you’ll see many well-crafted videos and martial arts exhibitions that paint Yoo as a modern martial arts master. Billing himself as the creator of “Warfare Combat System,” the impression is that this guy is, indeed, a master. Landing a major exhibition fight with a star like Manny Pacquiao only supports the idea that Yoo is someone special in the world of fighting.

The South Korean even had a 6-round pay-per-view boxing match with former UFC star Bradley Scott last year. The heavily-edited highlight video of that bout on his channel gives the impression that he handled himself well and fought to a stalemate with the MMA veteran. Further proof that the guy IS somebody to be reckoned with, right?

A watching of the FULL, unedited video of the fight, however, says otherwise. The full fight video– which is almost impossible to find due to Yoo’s aggressive campaign to remove it from existence via copyright claims– tells a very different tale.

What REALLY took place bore no resemblance to the fight Yoo posted on his YouTube channel.

In the unedited fight video, the South Korean was clearly over his head and absolutely dominated from the opening bell to the closing bell. He landed no significant punches and struggled with very basic boxing fundamentals. After endless flopping and holding on Yoo’s part (and some mercy from the very patient, understanding Scott), the former UFC fighter had his hand raised as the very clear winner.

That poor performance then took this writer to dig deeper for an independent assessment of his skills beyond the well-pruned comment sections of his YouTube channel. Outside of Yoo’s own universe and in the “real” world of martial arts, there are volumes upon volumes of “DK Yoo is a pretender and a fraud” shots taken at the YouTuber.

Martial artist and MMA fighter Ramsey Dewey made a video on his own YouTube channel about the Yoo-Pacquiao exhibition bout. In it, he called Yoo a clown and wondered aloud about the legitimacy of the scheduled contest.

Dewey would more than suggest that this fight might even taint the legacy of the Filipino icon and future first-ballot Hall of Famer.

“How is this going to reflect on the legacy of Manny Pacquiao? That he comes out of retirement for an exhibition with a glorified clown?” Dewey asked. “The only way I can see this makes sense is if Pacquiao just thoroughly embarrasses him or knocks him out cold and clean in the first round, showing the world that this guy has no business in the ring.”

Seeing as how Pacquiao will probably not go for the vicious, early kill, one can only assume that what fans will end up getting this Saturday is some going through the motions, some clowning around, and, ultimately, a whole lot of nothing.

The only saving grace for this six-round catchweight contest is that the proceeds will go to charity. Reportedly, the money raised will go to war victims in Ukraine and to Pacquiao’s Pacman Villages project, which provides housing to the poor and displaced in Manny’s native Philippines.

“I took this exhibition to help out more in need, so we can continue giving out homes to our countrymen who don’t have one,” Pacquiao said in Tagalog during a press conference to hype the exhibition bout. “I already have a lot of Pacman Villages started, but not yet finished. The income from this fight will be used for more homes.”

“I just want to work hard and make sure my condition is 100% so I can still show off my skills in the ring,” he added. “Although this is just a charity event to help people out, we will still prepare like it’s a championship fight.”

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