Red Sox Roster: Xander Bogaerts Contract a Sobering Reminder

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Let’s kick this back to early 2022. The Red Sox roster still had Xander Bogaerts in the fold. His pending free agency was the talk of the town. Red Sox ownership decided to insult him with a 4-year offer of $90 million. From there, it was almost inevitable that he would explore free agency, looking for the bag. Xander Bogaerts’ contract was vastly more than this Red Sox ownership group would go to.

No Fault on Xander Bogaerts

Xander Bogaerts did what any player would have done in this situation. He took the contract that any player would grab at, especially if what is reported is true.

The gap between 6 years, $160 million, and 11 years, $280 million, is a vast gulf. It’s not even close. Sure, the AAV is less, but it’s not so much less that you’re going to balk at it. We’re talking a gap of $120 million and 5 years. Xander Bogaerts got the bag he wanted and has every right to take it. Not once does anyone believe that he is in the wrong.

Red Sox Ownership Botched the Xander Bogaerts Contract

People want to blame Chaim Bloom for this wild scene. You might be able to say that Chaim Bloom is the Chief Baseball Officer and an advisor to the owners. However, at the end of the day, when we are talking about superstars and massive contracts, it’s an ownership-level decision. Scott Boras, Bogaerts’ agent, has even said he talks with owners.

The Red Sox ownership slapped Bogaerts in the face.

They didn’t even come to play ball. The tone was set with the initial Spring Training offer. From there, it didn’t get any better. The ownership group didn’t even consider what Xander Bogaerts means to the Red Sox roster. Xander Bogaerts, his teammates, and even David Ortiz just wanted him to be paid his fair dollar amount. A dollar amount that the Red Sox have given time and time again to outsider free agents.

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Bogaerts Contract Negotiations a Reminder of Past Failures

The way the Red Sox handle their own homegrown superstars is astounding. For whatever reason, the Red Sox owners are more interested in shiny new toys of free agents and not paying the players that make the most sense to pay. They lowballed Jon Lester in extension talks and then traded him to the Oakland Athletics. David Ortiz had to fight each year for a new contract. To some extent, the same could be said of Jacoby Ellsbury, but that was a bullet dodged. However, handing Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez a combined $183 million was easy. Giving Carl Crawford $142 million was simple. Even giving Masataka Yoshida $85 million is the same idea on a lesser scale.

For all of its success, this ownership group has had a hard time paying for the talent they bring up. They have a hard time keeping on the pulse of the fan base. If they fully kept a feel of that pulse, they’d have stopped at nothing to keep Xander Bogaerts. It’s entirely possible they don’t care, as they’re still going to spend money and still put a winner on the field at some point.

The Next Domino

You can justify not paying the Xander Bogaerts contract that the Padres inevitably gave him. It’s a lot of years, and it might not look too great on the other end. You cannot justify how the Red Sox handled the situation. The unfortunate part of all of this is that Rafael Devers is the next domino in the Red Sox homegrown star parade.

The third baseman is one year away from leaving this Red Sox roster in the same fashion that Xander Bogaerts did. However, Devers is younger, and his bat is a more meaningful one to the Red Sox and their lineup. If there is a player that you hand a $300 million contract to, Devers is one of them.

Don’t screw it up, Red Sox.

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