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Trey Lance And Other Options For The Indianapolis Colts Quarterback In 2023

As we approach the end of the regular season for all NFL teams, fans will begin to discuss how to improve their team in the offseason. Specifically, the non-playoff teams will begin to get more chatter with hirings and firings of coaches, staff, personnel and players. For Indianapolis the answers are cloudy for the short term.  With the firing of Frank Reich and the unknown QB situation looming this offseason, fans will have much to speculate about in the coming months. Lets take an early look at the Colts quarterback options for next season

Colts Quarterbacks On The Roster

Matt Ryan

This is the most obvious option for us heading into next year, at this very moment. However, many fans are hoping this is not the case. Ryan is leading the NFL with a dismal 18 turnovers. He has thrown 13 interceptions, 14 fumbles with 5 of those lost. He has taken a beating this season and just seems like his arm strength and velocity have regressed this season. He is now 37 years old and is under contract through 2023, with a $12 Million dollar guarantee. He also has other bonuses available if he plays next season.

Nick Foles

Foles has been a backup and a healthy scratch this season. We know what Foles is capable of and have seen it at a high level. However, he is getting older and there is no reason for him to play now with the Colts virtually eliminated from the playoff hunt. He was brought in as a security blanket for Matt Ryan and don’t see him as being the starter (or on the roster) next season.

Sam Ehlinger

This has been the most puzzling case of the three quarterbacks. Sam has been a starter this season and a healthy scratch as well. He was given a chance for two games this season as starter. He wasn’t terrible in those starts but he did not dazzle by any means. He is the prototypical QB now with his ability to extend plays. He doesn’t have the greatest arm, but he is accurate and can be a game manager. I think his opportunity was given and he did not maximize it. Ehlinger will continue to be a great spot starter going forward in the league or with Indianapolis.

Potential Free Agent Pool for Colts Quarterback

Lamar Jackson

This is a longshot, but it could be a possibility. The price would be steep and would most likely garner a 100 percent guaranteed contract. Many owners (including Baltimore) have been scared off the Watson contract and Lamar will be no different. With Indianapolis being so desperate at QB, if Lamar happens to not get a franchise tag (likely) this could be the number one priority for Indianapolis. It appears doubtful that Baltimore will allow Lamar to hit the free agent market.

Jimmy Garoppolo

While many people wouldn’t be on board with this acquisition, the one thing Jimmy does very well is, he simply wins football games. That is something that the Indianapolis Colts are not doing currently. He is 31 years old, which is not ideal, and he is injury prone. He boasts a 40-17 record as a starter with most of them coming during his time in San Francisco. 49ers have 3 starting QBs on their roster now so this will be one to watch.

Colts Quarterback in the NFL Draft

Will Levis/Kentucky

Maybe the most intriguing prospect in this years draft. Levis played his final two seasons at Kentucky after transferring from Penn State. He is 6’3 and 231 lbs. He had a 17-7 record as the starter at Kentucky. He has been compared to Josh Allen in his comps and while I think that is a possibility, we have seen Allen to be a potentially generational talent. This would be a best-case scenario for Indianapolis if they draft Levis.

Anthony Richardson/Florida

With Levis being the most intriguing prospect, Richardson is the rawest prospect amongst quarterbacks. He has all the things you look for in the new age NFL QB. He has size (6’4, 231 lbs), NFL arm strength, speed and mobility. However, he only has one season of starts at Florida with a record of 6-7 which leaves less tape for scouts to look over. He is a project that may take time to develop in an NFL system.

Trade Options for Colts Quarterback

Trey Lance/San Francisco

Yes, this seems unrealistic but let’s hash this one out. Reports out of San Francisco are that upper management would like to discuss renewing Jimmy G’s contract. We have also seen Brock Purdy emerge during the injury to Jimmy G. This would leave 3 potentially starting QBs on the roster. Now, the 49ers spent a lot of draft capital to get Trey Lance on draft night. They gave up 3 first round picks to obtain him. With Lance out for the season with a broken ankle his value is the lowest it has ever been and probably ever will be. If they do keep both Purdy and Jimmy G there is no reason to keep Trey Lance. Lastly and most importantly, if the price is too high to move up and get a QB in the draft then being able to acquire Lance with giving up less could be the best-case scenario for Indianapolis.

Jordan Love/Green Bay

More rumors out of Green Bay that Jordan Love will ask for a trade if Aaron Rodgers returns. Current Colts GM Chris Ballard scouted him when he was coming out of Utah State and (rumored) that they nearly moved up in the draft to obtain him. The positive on Love is his age and he has learned under Rodgers and a great coaching staff in Green Bay. The negative is that he has obtained minimal game time as Rodgers rarely missed time in his career. Love had a great college career and he has the ability and traits to be a successful NFL QB, he just needs an opportunity.

Colts Quarterback: Best Options

With a new coach and potentially new GM coming aboard, it’s always best to start new. With Matt Ryan’s regression and age catching up to him the best options seem to be in the draft or in the trade market. Trading for either Trey Lance or Jordan Love would be the best overall scenario for this team if they cannot acquire Will Levis in this year’s draft. But the Colts must make a move away from Matt Ryan if they want to keep the fans from losing interest in the team.

Let us know who you think should be the next Colts quarterback in the comments below!

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